Permanent staff appointments

The page outlines how roll decreases affect permanent appointments.

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Boards need to understand the procedures they have to follow when making permanent staff appointments.

Your responsibilities

Your board of trustees needs to follow the correct processes for making permanent staff appointments.

You must show you've undertaken planning for any likely reduction in staffing at the end of the school year. If you don’t you may need to fund surplus staffing costs.

If your board makes unauthorised permanent staff appointments and teachers are declared surplus unnecessarily, then you may be liable for the resulting costs.

Your entitlement staffing is calculated in the 1 March roll confirmation process.

How your March roll can affect permanent appointments

Guaranteed or assured staffing is the minimum staffing schools receive for the year. The approach school boards take around permanent appointments will be affected when the guaranteed or assured staffing for the year is lower than the actual entitlement staffing generated by the March roll return. Schools in this position receive a higher staffing entitlement than their actual roll generates and could potentially face a lower level of assured staffing in the year to come.

If your assured entitlement staffing is greater than that generated by the March roll by at least 1.00 full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE), you will need to advise the Ministry of Education of your school board’s decision to make a new permanent appointment in excess of your confirmed entitlement staffing.

If your guaranteed or assured staffing is greater than that generated by the 1 March roll by 0.10 FTTE, but less than 1.00 FTTE, then your board receives a letter notification from Resourcing advising you to undertake and document an environmental scan before proceeding with making new permanent appointments. An environmental scan assesses all factors that might affect your school’s roll now and in the next year.

Your school board must minute any decisions about new appointments.

For advice on the process for making new staff appointments, contact the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA).

NZSTA website(external link)

How to advise the Ministry of Education of new permanent appointments

To advise the Ministry of Education of new permanent appointments that your schools board has made, write to us at:


Ministry of Education
PO Box 1666

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Phone: +64 4 463 8383

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