1 March roll confirmation process

How your school’s roll at 1 March is used to calculate your entitlement staffing.

During the 1 March roll confirmation process, we use your school’s actual roll at 1 March to confirm or increase your provisional entitlement staffing.

We finish this process by 1 April each year and then notify your board of trustees of the result in your confirmed staffing notice. The notice also tells you how your entitlement affects permanent staff appointments.

Permanent staff appointments

How we recalculate a principal’s grading roll

Using the 1 March actual roll, we recalculate the principal’s grading roll to determine whether or not the principal’s grading has changed.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. We calculate the principal’s grading roll using the 1 March actual roll. In primary and composite schools, the principal’s grading roll is the greater of the provisional resourcing roll or the March roll, both with a new entrant adjustment.
  2. Using this roll, we establish the principal’s grading for the school.
  3. We compare the result with the provisional principal’s grading.
  4. The greater of this result or the provisional principal’s grading becomes the incumbent principal's grading for the year. Any grading increase is backdated to the beginning of the school year.

How we recalculate a principal’s salary grade

After we’ve recalculated the principal’s grading using the 1 March roll, the principal’s grading is set for the year at that level. No further recalculations are made.

For more information, refer to the appropriate collective agreement principals’ salary grades.

Collective agreements

Contact us

To advise the Ministry of Education of new permanent appointments that your schools board has made, write to us at:

Ministry of Education
PO Box 1666

Email: resourcing@education.govt.nz

Phone: +64 4 463 8383

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