Property, procurement and school transport

This directory page provides links and resources on a range of property and transport matters that apply to schools.


  • We are responsible for managing the state school property portfolio of around 2,100 schools.
  • We provide advice and funding for around 330 state-integrated schools in New Zealand.
  • We deliver school transport assistance to assist over 100,000 students to get to and from school each day.

Te Rautaki Rawa Kura: The School Property Strategy 2030 

Te Rautaki Rawa Kura: The School Property Strategy 2030 sets the long term direction for how we will manage school property to support all schools having quality learning environments by 2030.

It also provides the framework for any improvements we make in our continued effort to support schools to manage school property effectively.

Te Rautaki Rawa Kura: The School Property Strategy 2030

Property and procurement


Checking your property after a major incident

Emergency response coordinators

Ministry property advisors

Health and safety management

Health and safety management

Managing contractor health and safety

Drinking water in schools

Managing asbestos in schools

Safe use and testing of electrical equipment in schools


Goods and services for schools

School property construction procurement

Contracts for school-led property projects and maintenance

Contracts for Ministry-led property projects

Insurance procurement for school property projects

Information for suppliers of goods and services

Projects and design

Projects and design

School design

Designing quality learning spaces

Weathertightness design requirements for new school buildings

Structural and geotechnical requirements

Guidance for suppliers, contractors and consultants

Information for infrastructure suppliers

Project management forms

Supplier panels

Construction phase

10YPP tools and resources for consultants

Property funding

Property funding and financials

Sustainability Contestable Fund

School Investment Package

5 Year Agreement (5YA) funding

Furniture and equipment funding for state schools

School facilities

School facilities

Energy use and conservation in schools

Playgrounds on school sites

Billboards on school grounds

Houses for teachers and caretakers

Property planning

Property planning

Surplus school property

Space entitlement

10 Year Property Plan

Integrated schools property planning


Te Mahere Taiao: The Environmental Action Plan for School Property

Carbon reduction guidance

Maintenance, repairs and security

Maintenance, repairs and security

Property maintenance

Building warrants of fitness for school facilities

Security management

Weathertightness remediation

Roles and responsibilities in property management

Roles and responsibilities in property management

Private schools

Public private partnerships

State-schools property management

Leasing and hiring land and buildings

Leasing and hiring land and buildings

Dental clinics at schools

Legitimate use of surplus school property

Treaty of Waitangi Settlements Property Redress Programme

Civil defence emergency relief at schools

Property training and events

Property training and events

Digital technology

Digital technology

Te Mana Tūhono

Your school's ICT network

Home internet access

ICT Helpdesk

School transport

Find out about eligibility for transport assistance, route design, safety and accidents and funding.

School transport

Construction Sector Accord 

As one of the largest buyers of non-residential vertical infrastructure we are proud to be a part of the Accord’s shared commitment between government and industry to transform the construction sector. 

Construction Sector Accord(external link)

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