Provisional roll setting

This page outlines the steps we take to determine the provisional roll for each school | kura. We use the provisional roll to generate the provisional staffing entitlement.

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It’s designed to help you understand what the provisional staffing entitlement means and how it is calculated.


Every September the Ministry notifies schools | kura of their provisional roll, indicative staffing and funding entitlements for the following year, to allow schools | kura to make staffing decisions.

Your provisional roll is published in the Rolls tab in Pourato.

Finding information in Pourato | Applications & Online Systems ( link)

Provisional rolls provide schools | kura with a guaranteed minimum staffing entitlement (also known as guaranteed minimum formula staffing (GMFS) or assured staffing) for the following school year.

For key dates visit Resourcing – operational funding and staffing entitlements – Education in New Zealand

Your provisional roll is also used to calculate your operational funding instalment until we have your actual roll information. Operational funding is adjusted throughout the year based on your actual rolls.

For more information visit Operational funding – Education in New Zealand

Guaranteed staffing

Any staffing that is not within the Entitlement Staffing section on the Your Entitlement tab in Pourato is considered Additional Staffing and is NOT guaranteed.

The guaranteed minimum formula staffing calculated based on your provisional roll means that if your confirmed roll is lower than your provisional roll, your provisional entitlement staffing is guaranteed for the school year.

If your provisional staffing entitlement identifies a reduction in staffing, your board may need to conduct a curriculum and pastoral needs analysis before disestablishing any position(s).

Surplus staffing support for a reduction in staffing entitlement

Provisional roll calculation

Pourato calculates your provisional roll using the current and previous year’s July rolls, and current and previous two years’ March rolls. Any maximum resourcing roll is also applied.

Pourato’s calculation of your provisional roll is a prediction of what your school | kura roll will be on a specific date.

School type Date
Contributing and Full Primary Schools 10 October - this date is to allow for new entrants beginning at your school | kura throughout the school year 
All other school types 1 March

The Ministry Operational Funding and Resourcing team analyse and adjust the system calculated roll.

The Ministry’s regional offices provide input to ensure specific circumstances relevant to your school | kura and local community are considered.

Apply for a provisional roll review

State and state-integrated schools can apply for a provisional roll review from the date your provisional roll is published in September until 17 November.

We will approve your provisional roll review application if you can demonstrate the Ministry’s estimate of your provisional roll is at least 5% different to your own estimate.

For more information visit Provisional roll review – Education in New Zealand

Roll growth

Once we receive your March Roll Return, your staffing entitlement is recalculated and backdated to the beginning of the staffing year using the higher of your provisional roll or your confirmed roll that has been published in Pourato.

If your roll continues to grow throughout the year beyond your provisional and confirmed rolls, you can apply for a staffing roll increase via the staffing roll change request form.

To qualify for a staffing increase your permanent daily roll must have grown and stayed at that higher level for five consecutive school days.

For more information visit Staffing for roll growth – Education in New Zealand

Boards can apply for extraordinary roll growth funding.

For more information visit Extraordinary Roll Growth funding – Education in New Zealand

Get support

Please talk to your Regional Office for help understanding your provisional roll and if you have any concerns

Schools | kura that are experiencing any financial difficulty are encouraged to work with their Regional Office and School Financial Adviser.

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