Forms for resourcing

If you're looking for a specific form, you'll find all resourcing forms on this page.

  • Staffing forms - includes teacher time allowances and emergency staffing
  • Funding - includes forms for funding and changing bank account
  • Roll returns - electronic attendance register
Staffing formsRelated web page
Beginning Teacher time allowance [DOCX, 58 KB] Beginning teachers
Emergency staffing claim form [DOCX, 56 KB] Emergency staffing scheme
Outreach service staffing transfer form [DOCX, 77 KB]  
Overseas teacher time allowance [DOCX, 58 KB] Overseas teachers
Programme maintenance allowance [DOCX, 55 KB] Programme Maintenance Allowance
Provisional roll review form [DOCX, 77 KB] Provisional roll reviews
Retrained teacher time allowance [DOCX, 54 KB] Retrained teachers
Specialist Classroom Teacher and Specialist Teacher application form [DOCX, 52 KB] Allowances for specialist teachers and specialist classroom teachers
Staffing roll change request form [DOCX, 58 KB] Staffing for roll growth

Staffing Transfer form [DOCX, 59 KB]

Staffing transfer agreements

Surplus Staffing report form [DOCX, 56 KB]

Surplus staffing applications

Te Atakura Teacher Time Allowance [DOCX, 51 KB]      

Te Atakura time allowances
U1 and U2 first time principal development release time [DOCX, 52 KB] U1 and U2 first time principal development release
Reading recovery travel claim application [DOCX, 85 KB] Reading recovery travel reimbursement
Funding formsRelated web page
Additional Relief teacher funding Additional Relief teacher funding
Additional Relief Teacher Funding - RT2 Sporting and Cultural leave [DOCX, 57 KB] Additional Relief teacher funding for sporting and cultural leave
Bank account change [DOC, 43 KB] Changing your bank account details
Board of trustees by-election reimbursement [DOCX, 63 KB] Board of trustees by-elections

Extraordinary roll growth funding application - Primary Schools only [DOCX, 59 KB]

Extraordinary roll growth funding application - Intermediate, Secondary and Area Schools [DOCX, 52 KB]

Extraordinary roll growth
Heat light and water application form [DOCX, 53 KB] Heat light and water funding
Technology MoU [DOC, 62 KB] Technology provision for Years 7 and 8 students
Technology provider Change [DOCX, 54 KB]  
Roll returnsRelated web page 

Electronic Attendance register form [PDF, 175 KB]

Attendance registers

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