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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Administrators
  • Boards
  • Teachers and Kaiako

Schools should know where to find information about their staffing and funding entitlements and any options to receive additional entitlements.

  • Staffing forms – includes teacher time allowances and emergency staffing
  • Funding – includes forms for funding and changing bank account
  • Roll returns – electronic attendance register
Staffing forms Related web page
Beginning Teacher time allowance [DOCX, 46 KB] Beginning teachers
Emergency staffing claim form [DOCX, 58 KB] Emergency staffing scheme
Outreach service staffing transfer form [DOCX, 77 KB]  
Overseas teacher time allowance [DOCX, 49 KB] Overseas teachers
Programme maintenance allowance [DOCX, 55 KB] Programme Maintenance Allowance
Provisional roll review form [DOCX, 60 KB] Provisional roll reviews
Retrained teacher time allowance [DOCX, 49 KB] Retrained teachers
Specialist Classroom Teacher and Specialist Teacher application form [DOCX, 52 KB] Allowances for specialist teachers and specialist classroom teachers
Staffing roll change request form [DOCX, 50 KB] Staffing for roll growth

Staffing Transfer form [DOCX, 57 KB]

Staffing transfer agreements

Surplus Staffing report form [DOCX, 61 KB]

Surplus staffing applications

Te Atakura Teacher Time Allowance [DOCX, 51 KB]      

Te Atakura time allowances
U1 and U2 first time principal development release time [DOCX, 60 KB] U1 and U2 first time principal development release
Funding forms Related web page
Additional Relief teacher funding Additional relief teacher funding
Bank account change Changing your bank account details
Board by-election reimbursement [DOCX, 72 KB] Board elections funding(external link)

Extraordinary roll growth funding application (Primary Schools only)

Extraordinary roll growth funding application (Full Primary, Intermediate, Secondary and Area Schools)

Extraordinary roll growth

Heat light and water allocation review form [DOCX, 55 KB] Heat light and water funding
Heat light and water one-off cost application form [DOCX, 61 KB]  
Reading recovery travel claim application [DOCX, 81 KB] Reading recovery travel reimbursement
Technology MoU [DOC, 62 KB] Technology provision for Years 7 and 8 students

Technology provider change [DOCX, 61 KB]

Technology provision for Years 7 and 8 students
Roll returns Related web page 

Electronic Attendance register form [PDF, 175 KB]

Attendance registers

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