Accident Compensation Corporation claims

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) pays Reimbursements to school boards, via the Education Payroll Limited pay centre, if a staff member is injured. Here’s how to administer that funding.

How compensation is paid

The reimbursement is paid up to 80% of the employee’s assessed salary.

If the accident is under the ERA agreement, work or non-work related the compensation is paid into the board’s bank account.

If the accident is not covered by the ERA agreement your employee is placed on ACCWO (ACC Leave without pay) and ACC will pay the employee directly.

Make sure your administrative processes for Reimbursements are the same for all board employees on ACC, whether they're paid through teachers’ salaries or operational funding.

The process

Stage  Description

If the employee is covered by the ERA agreement the following applies

  If Then
  The employee’s pay is charged to teachers’ salaries The full 100% continues to be funded by the Crown and charged as 1 full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE) usage for banking staffing purposes, in the same way as they had been before the absence.
  The employee’s pay is charged to operational funding The board continues to fully fund the employee’s salary, in the same way as they had been before the absence
2 ACC pays the reimbursement to Education Payroll Limited refer EPL website EdPay | Tols to help you | A-Z | ACC claims
3 The pay centre forwards the reimbursement to the board’s bank account.

Using funds from ACC

The reimbursements paid into the board’s bank account may be used however the board wishes. Usually, it is used to fund cover for the injured employee.

The funding is usually enough to meet relief teacher expenses. If it's not, the board must pay the difference themselves. The Ministry doesn’t provide top-ups for ACC payments.

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