Staffing transfer agreements

Staffing transfer agreements enable boards of trustees to use the services of specialist staff from other schools. Boards of trustees can transfer staffing entitlements of full-time teacher equivalents (FTTEs), salary units, senior management allowances and middle management allowances.

Applying for a staffing transfer agreement

The recipient school is responsible for setting up the transfer. Apply to the Resourcing Division the year before. Make sure the Resourcing Division gets a copy of the transfer of staffing agreement, signed by both schools. Without a copy, we cannot action transfers.

Agreement for the transfer of staffing entitlements [DOCX, 57 KB]

Send the application either to the address on the form, or email it to:

Applications for Staffing Transfer Agreements must be received prior to 30 November 2023.

Updating a staffing transfer agreement

You may have only 1 staffing transfer agreement per specialist service at once. A new staffing transfer agreement supersedes it and is not additional to the previous arrangement.

Where an end date isn't specified in the agreement, we will end-date the transfer to the end of the banking staffing year. 

If you change an agreement, you must complete a new staffing transfer agreement.

Ending a staffing transfer agreement

Where a board of trustees decides to end a staffing transfer agreement you must send us the written consent of both boards of trustees.

Specialist teacher outreach service staffing transfers

The specialist teacher outreach service is provided to some Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) funded students.

To set this up, boards of trustees need to transfer ORS staffing and ORS management staffing to a Specialist Teacher Outreach Service provider school.

When the ORS students receiving Outreach Service change, the Outreach Service Staffing Transfer form must be completed and signed.

Outreach Service Staffing Transfer form [DOCX, 80 KB]

Send the application either to the address on the form, or email it to:

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