Roll returns (monitoring)

See guidance and resources regarding roll returns, including the Ministry’s requirements for auditing and maintaining accurate records.

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  • Boards
  • Administrators
  • Principals and Tumuaki

About roll returns

School and kura boards have a legal responsibility to prepare and submit accurate roll returns to the Ministry of Education.

Your roll information for each school level can be found in Pourato.

Finding information in Pourato – Applications & Online Systems(external link)

Where to find roll returns and resources

Visit the Education Counts website for guidelines to complete your school or kura roll return:

  • current roll returns guidelines, and
  • instructions for uploading roll returns using the School Data Portal.

School roll return guidelines – Education Counts(external link)

Roll returns using your SMS

Most schools complete roll returns using their student management system (SMS). 

You'll find a list of SMS versions the Ministry has approved on the Education Counts website.

School SMS roll returns 2019 – Education Counts(external link)

If you don't have an SMS

If your school doesn't use an approved SMS, there are roll returns collection forms and templates available for download.

Roll return collection forms – Education Counts(external link)

More information on Education Counts

Other related information on Education Counts includes:

Subject codes (schooling) – Education Counts(external link)

School roll return data quality report guide [PDF](external link)

Education circulars

The following education circulars contain important information about:

  • eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools
  • auditing of roll returns
  • electronic attendance registers

Circular 2020/08 – Eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools

Circular 2013/07 – Auditing of roll returns

Circular 2010/19 – Electronic attendance registers

Resourcing audits

The Ministry audits roll returns to make sure schools receive the correct funding and staffing.

Your roll returns must therefore be accurate and you must keep documents to support the information you provide in your school's returns.

Resourcing audits

Attendance registers

When students leave school

Adult students in mainstream secondary education

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