Funding and financials

Resources and links to managing your school’s finances, operational and property funding, and staffing entitlements among other financial guidance.

Boards are responsible for managing their school’s finances, and have many requirements to follow. These are further detailed in the topic webpages. 

Managing school finances

For guidance on best practice in financial governance, financial management and reporting, and more information on how to prepare your school’s financial statements and how to manage general finances, visit the Managing school finances(external link) page.

Resourcing – operational and staff funding

We calculate and deliver operational funding and staffing entitlements to state and state-integrated schools.

Property funding

The Ministry provides funding to schools to build new property and maintain existing property. We also give Boards funding to furnish and equip buildings and to pay for vandalism damage.

Other types of funding

Information about ESOL funding, the International Student Wellbeing Strategy, Boarding allowances and other funding for schools and students:

Tax, insurance and local councils

Information about council rates and a range of insurance and taxation issues:

Resourcing audits

The Ministry of Education audits roll returns to make sure schools receive the correct funding and staffing entitlements.

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