Technology provision for Years 7 and 8

This page explains how we calculate technology staffing and where to view technology funding information in Pourato. You will also find further information for host schools | kura that provide technology instruction.

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Boards should be aware of the staffing and funding that we provide for technology education for Years 7 and 8. Host schools of Technology provision should know how to claim technology staffing from client schools.

Calculating technology staffing

We use the provisional Year 7 and 8 rolls (until confirmed is available) to calculate technology staffing for each school | kura.

Technology staffing is calculated using the following formula:
technology staffing (FTTE) = technology staffing roll/120

You can view the following via Pourato(external link):

  • Technology staffing on your Staffing Entitlement screen
  • Technology rolls on the Relationships > Technology screen

Procedures for host schools that provide technology instruction

The current memoranda of understanding for students from client schools apply. However, you can make new arrangements if they're agreed in writing between the schools involved and the Resourcing Division.

Fees for technology classes

Your school’s technology costs are covered in your per-pupil funding:

  • The capital cost of equipping and replacing equipment in technology centres.
  • The cost of disposables and consumables provided by the centre.
  • The cost of repairing and maintaining equipment.

If your pupils attend technology classes at another school you need to negotiate a per-pupil fee with the board of the host school. There are no set rates.

Exclusions from fees

The fee may not be used to cover the costs of property or utilities (property maintenance, minor capital works, vandalism, and heat, light, and water). The host school is already funded for these costs. Cost recovery for materials and supplies used by students isn't part of the per capita fee paid by schools.

Changing your technology provider

To apply to change your approved provider, download and complete the following form.

Technology provider change application [DOCX, 61 KB]

The deadline for change requests for the following year will be published on the key staffing and funding dates page of our website.

Key staffing and funding dates

Eligibility to change technology providers

Changes will be approved only where there are no additional costs to the Ministry, such as transport, property or surplus staffing costs.

Transport assistance to a new technology provider

If the conditions are met, the Ministry may approve a change in technology provider. If, however, the new provider isn't the school’s nearest, the board will have to meet the transport costs.

Where a new technology provider is approved and it's the nearest technology provider, the Ministry will fund transport assistance via a bus or a technology conveyance allowance if the students need to travel at least 1 kilometre for technology instruction. For information, including eligibility and how to apply go to: 

Technology class school bus

Signing off a change of technology provider

If the Ministry approves a change of technology provider, you need to complete a new memorandum of understanding before staffing may be removed from the existing technology provider and allocated to the new provider. Download the following form and send a signed copy to the Resourcing Division.

Technology Memorandum of Understanding form [DOCX, 35 KB]

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