Interim Response Fund (IRF)

The Interim Response Fund can be accessed to support schools to keep students engaged in learning following a significantly challenging event. It provides funding as a short term response, while a more comprehensive plan is devised.

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  • Boards
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Administrators

Schools can choose to request support from the Ministry through the Interim Response Fund, in the aftermath of a significantly challenging event.

How to apply for the fund

Schools need to ring their local ministry office after such an event to see if this fund is the right support for their situation. If it's agreed that interim support funding is the appropriate support the School completes the application over the phone.

Once approval has been given, a confirmation email is sent to the school.

Once the school replies to that email, payment is processed

Some examples of when support from the IRF has been requested

Because of the student’s behaviour it’s likely that the student or other students or staff at the school will be harmed if the situation isn't immediately addressed, contained or stabilised.

Students, school staff, families or community are distressed or shaken.

School leadership/the Principal have used all school based resources, strategies and expertise and are unable to manage the event.

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