Managing students

Managing large numbers of students can be challenging, but there are guidelines and systems that can help. Find out how to manage enrolments, roll returns, student attendance and behaviour, and student information and data.

Enrolling students

Learn about your obligations to record and maintain student enrolments.

Cohort entry in schools

This guidance details the changes, impacts and benefits associated with a adopting a policy of cohort entry.

Managing student attendance

This resource directs schools to tools, systems and support services that can help with managing and improving student attendance.

Roll returns (monitoring)

See guidance and resources regarding roll returns, including the Ministry’s requirements for auditing and maintaining accurate records.

Student behaviour

Learn about topics such as searching/confiscating student property, seclusions, stand-downs and more.

Sharing information

Personal information is any information that relates to an individual and could identify them.

Archiving and disposing of school records

Learn about the management of school records and access our information pack (which is the legislative requirement for schools under the Public Records Act 2005).

National Student Number (NSN)

Find information about the NSN including how to access and use the system.

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