Managing students

Managing large numbers of students can be challenging, but there are guidelines and systems that will help you. Sometimes you have to deal with a student’s behaviour. Find out what you’re able to do, for example, when you can do searches or confiscate items.
The ENROL system lets you keep track of students as they enrol, change schools, or leave school. Every student also has a National Student Number (NSN). This lets you share information in a way that protects their privacy. If attendance is an issue, find out about the programmes that help you manage attendance, or non-attendance, at your school.

Help with student behaviour

Guidelines and help for managing student behaviour and other issues.

Enrolling students

Enrolling students using ENROL, see the eligibility to enrol and enrolment zone information

National Student Number (NSN) information 

Information for schools on accessing and using the National Student Number (NSN).

National Student Number

Managing student attendance at your school

Helping you to manage student attendance and non-attendance at your school.


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