School funding for Programmes for Students (PfS): ALL and ALiM

Funding for Accelerating Learning in Literacy (ALL) and Accelerating Learning in Mathematics (ALiM)

Accelerating Learning in Literacy (ALL) and Accelerating Learning in Mathematics (ALiM)

Each year, the Ministry funds $4,000 (GST excl) per place through the school’s operations grant as a contribution towards teacher participation in the programme.

We expect that schools will also contribute to their teachers’ programme. Ministry funding supports:

  • teacher release to support teacher participation in programme
  • student monitoring meetings
  • preparation for intervention e.g. parent meetings
  • coaching
  • data collection/assessment/observation
  • reporting.

Funding for ALL and ALiM is paid through your operations grant in April or July. 

Checking you've received your funding

You will know you've received your funding by checking on the operations grant instalment notice financial summary and operations grant remittance advice. Refer to the following example to see how the funds will be recorded.

Operations Grant instalment example and remittance advice example [DOCX, 17 KB]

Using the funding

You should use the funding to support ALL, ALiM and MST.

You should not use the funding for other purposes such as buying digital technology, resource books or materials and/or Professional Learning and Development (PLD).

Withdrawing from any of the programmes


If you've received funding in the operations grant but have withdrawn from the programme we'll reclaim any funding in the next operations grant.

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