Funding for small schools

Information about funding for primary schools with less than two full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE) employees.

In 2019, as part of the settlement of the Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement, it was agreed that primary schools with less than two full-time teacher equivalents would receive additional operational funding.

This funding is to engage support staff to make up the difference to two (2) full-time equivalent employees (inclusive of the principal) during the school day.

The base hourly rate is set in the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement which will increase each year in line with the top set of grade B set out in Part 3.2.2.

Support staff in schools' collective agreement(external link)

We add 10% for holiday pay and ACC levy to the base hourly rate – this is the hourly rate we use to calculate your funding.

To calculate the annual funding for small schools, we use the following formula:

  • Hourly rate x 30 hours per week x 40 weeks per year x (2 – staffing entitlement).

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