International Education Strategy 2018-2030

International Education Strategy 2018-2030

International Students and visitors

Definition of a domestic student in New Zealand

International student visitors

Education in New Zealand

International Student Wellbeing

New Zealand wants every international student to do well in New Zealand.

We want to ensure that every international student who comes to New Zealand to study feels welcome, safe and supported and gets the most of their studies and their stay.

We also want international students to feel they belong in New Zealand. This especially includes young students because for many, it may be their first trip overseas.

Students are from diverse cultures, living away from their families, communities and social networks, often for the first time and so it is important that we provide the right type of support.

International Student Wellbeing Strategy

To support the wellbeing of international students, New Zealand education agencies have committed to the International Student Wellbeing Strategy.

The ISWS supports four types of wellbeing:

  • economic wellbeing
  • education outcomes
  • health and wellbeing
  • inclusion.

The ISWS is designed to coordinate government and non-government stakeholders in the international education sector and International Students to identify priorities and work together on solutions.

Through the International Student Wellbeing Strategy, a variety of wellbeing projects have been funded, which have produced wellbeing resources to share.

International Student Wellbeing resources

ISWS Funding

Within the ISWS, the Ministry of Education manages funding for wellbeing initiatives that deliver on the outcomes of the Wellbeing Strategy.

From 2017/18, up to $750,000 has been allocated annually from the Export Education Levy (EEL) as funding to support the implementation of the Wellbeing Strategy.

The goal of the ISWS funding is to create a tool box of wellbeing resources (programmes, models, events and initiatives), building a community of support for international students.

Exchange students and programmes

Student exchanges are reciprocal programmes providing an opportunity for students to live and study in another country.

Setting up secondary school exchanges

Regulations to support international students

The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code Of Practice 2016 replaces the existing Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students on 1 July 2016.

A new International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) will resolve contractual and financial disputes between international students and education providers. Both will better support and care for international students in New Zealand.

Regulations to better support international students

Export Education Levy

New Export Education Levy rates from 2019


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