School staffing cycle

Learn about the school staffing cycle. The cycle has two distinct stages: the provisional staffing round and the 1 March roll confirmation process.

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Schools should be aware of the key staffing cycle dates to assist with their planning and resourcing.

Summary of your school’s staffing cycle

The provisional staffing round provides your board with a minimum level of entitlement staffing for the following year.

In the 1 March roll confirmation process, we use your actual roll at 1 March to confirm or increase your provisional staffing allocation.



1 July

Your board completes your 1 July roll return and sends it to us.

Roll returns monitoring

Before the end of term 3

We send your board a notice with our prediction of the coming year’s roll and your provisional entitlement staffing, which is an assured (primary, specialist and intermediate) or guaranteed (area, composite and secondary) minimum for the coming year.

If your notice identifies a reduction in staffing, then your board of trustees may need to conduct a needs analysis (primary, specialist and intermediate) or a curriculum and pastoral needs analysis (composite and secondary) before disestablishing any position(s).

Surplus staffing support for a reduction in staffing entitlement

Early in term 4

Your board can request a Provisional roll review.

You’ll find the deadline for this process in your school’s resourcing pack (which also contains your provisional staffing notice).

1 March 

Your board completes its 1 March roll return and sends it to us.

Your roll return must arrive no later than 11 March.

By 1 April

We recalculate your staffing entitlement using your 1 March actual roll and this confirms or increases your entitlement for the year.

Your staffing for the year is either the assured/guaranteed staffing or the staffing generated by the 1 March roll, whichever is the greater.

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