Project management forms

Key school property project paperwork, downloadable forms and guidance to access documents on Helios.

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  • Boards
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Project Managers


As the project manager, you are responsible to ensure all required forms, for school property projects, are completed and submitted by the required completion time. 

School-led Project Forms

The Ministry is currently developing a Salesforce solution to streamline the approval of opening and closing project forms. It was previously expected to go-live on 2 October 2023, however due to internal systems access issues the rollout has been delayed. Updates will be provided in due course. In the meantime, opening and closing projects should follow the usual process detailed below. Project Managers can keep updated by joining the mailing list for Infrastructure News(external link).

School users and Project Managers can continue to complete the training modules on the Salesforce solution. You can find the training modules on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Log in using your ESL login – this allows the system to record that you have finished your training.

Once you have logged into the LMS:

  • select Catalogue from the top left of the screen
  • type “Salesforce” into the search bar
  • select the module relevant to your role.

The modules are:

  • Salesforce Kura I School-Led Project Management Forms for Schools
  • Salesforce Kura I School-Led Project Management Forms for Project Managers.
Who completes it? The project manager complets the form with input and agreement from the school's board.
When to complete it? Complete the form at the beginning of any capital building project.
What's in the form?

The form records the project scope, timing and financial information. Your completed application will include copies of the design certificate, occupancy use certificate and construction observation form.

Download the form

School-led project form [XLSX, 226 KB]

Recommend a supplier - Awarding a contract in property procurement

Building Update Form

The Building Update form is used by the Ministry and external Project Managers for school-led projects to keep our building information up to date.

When to complete it?
  • Review sign and return this form at the beginning of every project to ensure the details are correct, and record work completed for a Ministry-owned building.
  • The form only needs to be re-submitted at the end of the project if there are changes during the course of the project.

How do I find a form for a building?

  • The form is available on the Helios portal.
  • Select the school (business unit) and then select the relevant building to access the building report. When opened, the report will be pre-populated with exisiting information for that building with blank boxes for updating.
  • To complete the form, download and print it and submit it at the beginning of the project with the opening project documents.
  • Forward it to your Local Ministry offices with the project documents.

Design Fees Release Form

Project Managers can use this form if they need to pay for consultancy services and/or consent fees before completing the construction tender (for school-led projects over $100,000). 

Note that only Type 3: School (Prof PM) projects that are already authorised may have the design fees released.

When to complete it Complete the form before completing the construction tender, adn if the school hasn't sent a procurement plan (including design and consent costs) to the Ministry before going to market.
How to complete it

You can request 10% of the project budget or the actual cost of design fees based one estimates and/or invoices. Include a breakdown of fees as this is required for internal acounting purposes. Note that approval of Fees Release isn't approval of the full project funding or approval for the project to commence. 

Save the form and complete electronically, or print to complete, and submit to your Local Ministry offices.

Download the form Design Fees Release Form [XLSX, 154 KB]

Invoice Templates

What's it for? Use this template to submit project invoices to the Ministry if the school hasn't supplied their own project invoices.
Who completes it? Project managers.
Download the template Invoice Template [XLSX, 45 KB]
Submit the form Send to your Local Ministry offices

Procurement forms

Access procurement forms through School property procurement.

Each form is located on its associated school property procurement webpage, which provides context for its use.

Complete the forms during the procurement process to ensure that the tendering process is fair and transparent.

When the funding forms are submitted they must be accompanied by the signed/approved Procurement Plan and Procurement Recommendation Report.

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