State schools property management

New Zealand’s school property portfolio is a significant Crown asset. The Ministry and state boards of trustees each have a role in managing it.

The Ministry of Education’s role

We're responsible to the Government for making sure that you:

  • care for school property
  • follow Government and Ministry spending rules when using your property funding
  • spend your funding in a way that will get the best educational outcomes for your school.

We do this by:

  • developing policies and procedures so you can meet all legal requirements and Ministry standards for school property
  • allocating property funding through various funding programmes so you can build and maintain school property
  • providing information and advice about how to manage school property using this website as your main resource
  • supporting you when property at your school is affected by disasters or other problems
  • monitoring your compliance so we can assure Government that you're using the funding well and caring for property at your school.

Boards of trustees’ role

We notify you, boards of trustees of state schools, of your responsibilities for managing school property in a Property Occupancy Document (POD).

Property Occupancy Document (POD)

To manage property at your school, you must:

  • maintain your school property
  • upgrade and modernise your school buildings
  • plan for whether you'll need new capital works (new buildings and services) at your school).

Property maintenance

5 Year Agreement (5YA) funding

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We ask you, as a board, to:

  • make sure your school charter outlines how your school property will contribute to raising student achievement.
  • make sure property work that you commission complies with all legal and Ministry requirements. Part of your role is to hire the right people, like project managers and contractors, to do your property work. You should make sure that the people you hire meet all legal and Ministry requirements, have an appropriate level of skill for the job, and are working in a healthy and safe environment.
  • develop a 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) to plan for the right amount of space and to care for school property so that your school provides the best learning environment. (Refer to the 10YPP page.)
  • manage capital building projects, meeting the Ministry’s project management requirements. (Refer to the Project management page.)
  • oversee your school’s day-to-day maintenance to keep it in good order and repair.

Health, safety and wellbeing

10 Year Property Plan

Project management

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