Procurement of goods and services for schools

Learn about everything there is to know about buying goods and services for schools, and school property procurement.

Available information here is intended to remind school leaders and Ministry staff about existing procurement frameworks, rules and guidance that apply when buying goods and services for schools. There are also links to resources that can help them ensure that every dollar they spend delivers maximum value.

School Supplies and Service Procurement

By buying smartly, schools can save money and time, as well as reduce risks. Find links to our advice on buying goods and services for schools.

School supplies and services procurement

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School Property Construction Procurement

There are aspects of the property procurement process that are mandatory, so they have to be strictly observed. Find links to information about buying construction works and consultancy services for school property projects.

School property construction procurement

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How to procure:



Supplier updates:

Supplier Panels

To make the procurement process faster and easier for schools and delivery teams, and the tender process less tedious for suppliers, the Ministry has established panels of pre-approved suppliers for some of its commonly requested works/ services.

Supplier panels

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