Procuring property construction

This page contains important information about buying construction works and consultancy services for school property projects.

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  • Project Managers
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Property Managers
  • Boards
  • Proprietors

Some aspects of the property procurement process are mandatory and must be completed. Please read the information on this page before beginning a property project.

Please contact if you have any questions about the information on this page.

Property procurement overview

School property procurement involves the contracting of suppliers for construction works and/or consultancy services. See more:

Property projects led by schools and the Ministry

Type of suppliers Examples

Construction/contract works

  • demolition
  • repairs
  • facilities maintenance
  • refurbishment
  • learning support property modifications

Consultancy/professional services

  • project management
  • construction design
  • engineering (structural, fire etc)
  • quantity surveying

Following the procurement process

This process relates to buying construction works and consultancy services for schools. For guidance on making purchases of other goods and services, see our tailored advice.

Buying goods and services for schools

Step 1

Planning property procurement

Also consider conflicts of interest and insurance at this time.

Conflicts of interest


Step 2

Specifying requirements

Step 3

Approaching the market

Step 4

Evaluating supplier offers

Step 5

Awarding a contract

Contracts for projects

The contracts linked on the pages below must be used in school property procurement.

Contracts for school-led property projects and maintenance

Contracts for Ministry-led property projects

Additional property procurement guidance


Procurement exemptions can be applied for and if granted, allow schools to not follow standard procurement rules due to exceptional circumstances.

Procurement exemptions


In an emergency situation, special procurement rules can be followed.

Emergency and urgent procurement

Training for project managers

Project managers who are engaged to deliver school property projects must complete an online training module called School Property Procurement Framework.

Online property training modules

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