Te Mana Tūhono

Te Mana Tūhono demonstrates the power of connectivity and is a long-term programme of support that removes the burden on schools to monitor, maintain and manage their networks.

Your school’s IT network

We strive to connect schools to the world with a fit-for-purpose centralised IT system that is reliable, resilient, safe and secure.

The Ministry and Network for Learning (N4L)

The Ministry and government are committed to continuing the support of school IT infrastructure. For the past 15 years the Ministry has been upgrading schools IT network systems.

Since 2013, Network for Learning (N4L) has managed internet services for schools via its Managed Network. There are now more than 825,000 students and teachers using the Managed Network every day, consuming more than 5.2 million gigabytes of data monthly.

The Future

Now that all schools are connected, the Ministry and N4L are focused on providing a long-term programme of support that removes the burden on schools to monitor, maintain and manage their IT networks. This work programme is called Te Mana Tūhono.

Te Mana Tūhono

Loosely translated, Te Mana Tūhono means the power of connection.

Te Mana Tūhono concentrates on the following areas:

  • Help keep our children safe and secure while using the internet at school
  • Extended Helpdesk Support
    Under Te Mana Tūhono, the N4L Helpdesk will be extended to operate inside the school. This will enable N4L to resolve issues impacting the performance of a school’s internal IT networks i.e. the LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Create one point of contact for schools to call if they need assistance with their network
  • Network hardware replacements in schools 
    Replace IT hardware including network switches and wireless over the next 4 years starting with smaller schools first commencing from next year (2020)
  • Continued support for schools with expiring warranties 
    If you are not a small school and your network switches and wireless equipment warranties are expiring, your hardware will be replaced at a later date. Together with N4L, we will continue to provide warranty support and assistance to all schools with warranties that have expired or are about to expire. If your equipment fails we will either fix it or replace it

Important to note

Please note that while we will heavily subsidise replacement hardware and warranty support, schools will still be required to make a small contribution of up to $2.50 per pupil per year. This is payable to the Ministry of Education (not N4L).

Te Mana Tūhono Information Brief [PDF, 681 KB] 

Te Mana Tūhono - FAQ's  [PDF, 252 KB]

Te Mana Tūhono (Network Hardware Replacement) [XLSX, 14 KB]

Te Mana Tūhono – Terms of Service [PDF, 604 KB]

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