Te Mana Tūhono

We strive to connect schools to the world with a fit-for-purpose centralised ICT system that is reliable, resilient, safe and secure. Te Mana Tūhono (the power of connectivity) is our long-term programme to support schools to monitor, maintain and manage their networks.

Update on network equipment shortages

Global supply chain issues continue to limit the stock of network equipment N4L can secure.

As suppliers have indicated that these shortages are likely to continue for several months, the Ministry needs to carefully manage our equipment supply alongside our partners, N4L and Netbridge, to ensure that all schools can maintain operational networks. Please visit the N4L(external link) website for the latest information.

About Te Mana Tūhono

Te Mana Tūhono is our opt-in ICT network and cybersecurity support programme for schools. Schools can opt-in to have their ICT network equipment replaced when it’s reaching the end of its life, access support to manage cybersecurity, and access ‘Help and Support’ from N4L for ICT network issues (0800 LEARNING).

In September 2020, the Government announced a $49 million expansion of the Te Mana Tūhono programme, allowing the Ministry to offer all state and state-integrated schools the opportunity to upgrade their ICT network equipment and access cybersecurity support by 2024.

Minister's press release on the Beehive website - Government announcement of a $49 million expansion of the Te Mana Tūhono programme(external link) 

This funding will also expand the support Te Mana Tūhono offers schools by covering new cybersecurity upgrades and support via a Security Operations Centre.

We’re focusing on allowing small and remote schools, schools with the oldest equipment, and schools who choose to offer NCEA exams online, the opportunity to opt-in to receive equipment replacements first.

Partnering with Network for Learning

For the past 15 years the Ministry has been upgrading schools’ ICT network equipment and structured cabling.

Since 2013 the Ministry has contracted crown entity Network for Learning (N4L) to deliver the Managed Network, which is a managed internet service for schools. All state schools are now connected to the Managed Network and more than 825,000 students and teachers use it every day, consuming more than 5.2 million gigabytes of data monthly. Te Mana Tūhono extends the reach of this service to provide additional support within each school. You can find out more about these services below. 

A Master Services Agreement exists between the Ministry of Education ‘the Ministry’ and Network for Learning (N4L), enabling N4L to act on behalf of the Ministry for the purpose of delivering the Te Mana Tūhono programme of work. A practical example of where N4L are acting on the Ministry’s behalf is:

  • Contract Signing: Where a Principal opts into the programme by signing N4L’s electronic web order form (the school is entering into a contractual arrangement with the Ministry).

What’s included as part of Te Mana Tūhono

Help and Support lies at the heart of Te Mana Tūhono, which is made up of three distinct phases:

  • Equipment Support
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Secure Access

 Diagram of the 3 phases of the upgrade process

More information on what’s included can be found in the Te Mana Tūhono Information Brief and N4L's website. 

Te Mana Tūhono - Information Brief [PDF, 319 KB] 

N4L - School Network(external link)

Information for contractors and others involved in delivering the programme can be found in the Te Mana Tūhono Service Guide.

Te Mana Tūhono Service Guide [PDF, 672 KB]

Terms of service for participating in the programme can be found below. Please visit the N4L(external link) website for additional N4L terms. 

Te Mana Tūhono Terms of Service [PDF, 171 KB]

We need you

The help and support you receive through Te Mana Tūhono is designed for you and your school. At each phase of Te Mana Tūhono, your input will be really important in different ways.

You can find out more about when we will need your input and what we’ll need from you in our Te Mana Tūhono information brief.

Help and Support

As part of Te Mana Tūhono, schools have access to Help and Support provided by N4L. This service is specific for ICT network issues and is separate from the 0800 CALLICT (0800 225 542) helpdesk, which covers other aspects of ICT in schools. More details on that service can be found on the Ministry's ICT Helpdesk webpage.

This is designed to supplement the service offered by your ICT support provider or ICT staff, not replace it. Help and Support N4L can offer includes:

  • Remote assistance for network issues classified as moderate impact or above
  • Coordination of warranty support claims
  • Helping link schools to a trusted ICT support provider if they don’t have one.

Please note that any work that involves an onsite visit is not covered by the service.

Your ICT support staff, or provider remains your primary escalation point for any troubleshooting. They provide integral support for onsite servers, applications, devices and AV classroom technology.

Schools can find out more about where to seek support with ICT issues on the N4L website.

N4L - What support can N4L provide for my school’s network equipment and Wi-Fi?(external link) 

Where a school has a contracted ICT support provider, N4L will work with them to help resolve issues assessed as having a moderate or greater impact. For schools who do not have access to an ICT support provider and the issue cannot be fixed remotely, N4L can recommend one or more of the ICT panel providers in your area and help you to engage them for onsite support.


In a world that is experiencing an increase in cyber-attacks, we are conscious of the need to ensure our schools are cyber-resilient and secure. The changing digital landscape and adoption of cloud technologies provides an opportunity to achieve and promote cyber resilience.

The $49 million expansion of Te Mana Tūhono announced in September 2020 allows us to offer all state and state-integrated schools the opportunity to access new cybersecurity upgrades and support.  The Secure Access phase of the Te Mana Tūhono programme is designed to make school networks more secure, and will be supported by the establishment of a Security Operations Centre to offer further protection from cybersecurity threats.

Data and privacy

Schools who choose to opt-in to receive additional cybersecurity support through Te Mana Tūhono will be asked to give N4L access to their data in accordance with N4L's Privacy Statement.

N4L Privacy Statement(external link) 

An excerpt from N4L's Privacy Statement Section 3 follows: 

Disclosure of Personal Information

We hold personal information as a custodian on behalf of End Users and Schools 

3.1   If you are an End User, N4L will only collect and hold your personal information as a custodian on your behalf and if applicable, on behalf of your School. This means that we will only disclose your personal information when we are directed to do so by you or your School (other than in the limited circumstances set out below). For example, we may provide:

  • information (which includes personal information) about your use of our services to your School, such as browsing activity
  • your personal information to you or your whanau if you request access to the personal information that we hold about you. 

N4L may need to disclose your personal information to respond to a security threat or legal obligation 

3.2   The only other circumstances where N4L may disclose personal information (about End Users and Organisation Representatives) are where they:

  • need to respond to or investigate a breach of our terms of use or a security incident – for example, they may need to share information with security agencies, Netsafe and CERT NZ; or
  • are permitted or required to disclose information by law – for example, to the Police.

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