Supplier panels

Learn about our established supplier panels which are designed to make the tender process faster and easier for you.

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  • School Boards
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Suppliers
  • Capital Works Delivery Managers
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • School Representative
  • Project Control Group


Construction directory

The construction directory is a national panel of suppliers for the delivery of Capital Works construction projects over $500,000.

This directory is exclusively for Ministry-led projects, tendered by region, value band, project type and delivery method. All Ministry-led projects will be tendered to construction directory suppliers in the first instance.

Joining the construction directory

If you would like to know more about joining the construction directory, email

Professional services directory

We have a specialised sub-panel of the all-of-government (AoG) CCS panel called the professional services directory, which is only available for Ministry-led projects.

The professional services directory currently covers quantity surveying services and master planning and lead design services. Over time, we will add further consultancy services, including project management.

Joining the professional services directory

Suppliers need to be a member of the AoG CCS panel before they can join the professional services directory.

The professional services directory is refreshed to encourage new suppliers to join and existing suppliers to amend their appointment. We will endeavour to release an open 'notice of intent' on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) prior to any refresh.

If you would like to know more about joining the professional services directory, email

All-of-government construction consultancy services panel

The Ministry of Education is one of over 130 government agencies that are required by the Government's procurement rules to use the all-of-government construction consultancy services (AoG CCS) panel.

Construction consultancy services information – NZ Government Procurement(external link)

The AoG CCS gives us access to a panel that is specifically set up for the consultancy services we need for our construction projects.

For school-led projects, schools can use the AoG CCS if they are signed up to access it. Contact to know more.

For Ministry-led projects, we may use the AoG CCS for services other than lead design and quantity surveying.

Joining the AoG CCS panel

Registering in the AoG CCS panel allows you to offer your services to a wide range of government agencies.

For more information on joining the panel, see the NZ Government Procurement website.

Construction consultancy services information – NZ Government Procurement(external link)

10-Year Property Plan consultants panel

The 10-Year Property Plan (10YPP) consultants panel is a list of consultants who are responsible for preparing 10-year property plans for schools.

For more information about the 10YPP process and consultant engagement, see 'preparing a 10YPP'.

Preparing a 10YPP

Tendering for 10YPP bundles

Each year, the Ministry tenders small bundles of 3 to 8 schools whose 10YPP is due and offer those bundles by closed tender to 10YPP consultants in the panel.

Tendering for bundles for 10YPP consultants

If you have any questions about this panel, email

Project management panel

The project management panel is a national panel of suppliers covering regions and value bands for major and minor projects. The panel is available for use by schools who are looking for project management services.

For information on how to engage project managers through this panel, see project manager engagement for school property projects.

Project manager engagement for school property projects

This panel is currently closed for new suppliers.

If you have any questions, email 

Offsite manufactured building panel

The offsite manufactured building (OMB) panel is a list of suppliers that are pre-approved by the Ministry of Education to help us build and deliver quality learning spaces utilising an offsite manufacturing methodology.

OMBs are built for flexibility, so in addition to classrooms can be designed for teaching, staff and student support spaces.

Offsite manufactured buildings (OMB) for new spaces at schools

Joining the OMB panel

If you would like to know more about joining the OMB Panel, email

ICT contractors panel

The ICT contractors panel is a list of ICT contractors approved by the Ministry of Education to work on the following school projects:

  • installing structured cabling
  • supplying structured cabling product
  • integrating wireless services.

Joining the ICT contractors panel

ICT contractors must follow the process to apply and register with the Ministry's approved ICT contractors list.

For more information, see applying to be an ICT cabling contractor or a wireless integrator.

Applying to be an ICT cabling contractor or a wireless integrator

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