School facilities

This directory pages provides links to information and resources about school facilities including advice on building, maintenance and repairs.

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  • Boards
  • Proprietors
  • Principals and tumuaki

More reading on any of these topics is essential as it there are many requirements involved in building, managing and maintaining facilities. 

Bike and fitness tracks at schools

Building a bike or fitness track is a good way for your school to help children stay fit and healthy.

Bike and fitness tracks at schools

Billboards on school grounds

Find information about billboards and political advertising on school grounds, and the statutory requirements you must follow.

Billboards on school grounds

Boilers for school heating

Find information about funding, maintaining and disposing of a school boiler.

Boilers for school heating

Building Warrant of Fitness

A BWOF is a mandatory requirement for all schools with one of the features or systems listed on the compliance schedule.

Building warrants of fitness for school facilities

Car parks

Find information about car parks including accessing the NZ Standard regulations.

Car parks on school grounds 

Cell phone towers on school sites

Boards cannot allow a cell phone tower to be placed on school grounds. Find out more below.

Cell phone towers on school sites

Energy, water and waste management

Resources that support schools in the management of energy, water and waste. Find out more about your requirements.

Energy, water and waste management

Historic heritage features on school sites

How to recognize and manage a historic heritage feature on your school property.

Historic heritage features

Offsite manufactured buildings

Boards considering an OMB will find key information in this guidance that details the procurement, upkeep, and conditions they must follow.

Offsite manufactured buildings for new spaces at schools

Playgrounds on school sites

Information including standards requirements about building or upgrading a playground on a school site.

Playgrounds on school sites

Rest facilities (sick bays) at school

Read about the requirements for rest facilities, also known as sick bays, on school property.

Rest facilities at schools

Running a hostel

Find information and the relevant forms required for setting up or renewing a hostel licence.

Running a hostel

School houses

Boards are responsible for managing any core and caretaker houses that your school has, which includes dealing with rent and tenants.

Houses for teachers and caretakers

Specialised education facilities

Boards may be entitled to property funding to accommodate these facilities at your school.

Learning support and specialist school related facilities' property entitlement

Swimming pools at schools

Links to resources that support the daily management, maintenance and building of your pool.

Swimming pools at schools

Teen parent units

Find information about Teen Parent Units (TPU), including how to establish one at your school.

Teen Parent Units

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