Property projects and design

This directory page links to guidance, resources, and information about school property projects. This includes engaging project managers, adhering to design standards, and more.

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  • Boards
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Proprietors
  • Property Managers
  • Project Managers

Further reading is essential to understand the mandatory requirements of boards during the life of a school property project. Our information for infrastructure suppliers provides guidance for project managers and other contractors. 

Boards’ role and responsibilities

Boards have a governance role in project management. They are also responsible for engaging a project manager. All school property projects, no matter how small, must have a project manager.

Role of the board in property projects

Project manager engagement
School property project stages
Project management forms

School property procurement

Procurement covers all aspects of acquiring and delivering goods, services and works.

School property construction procurement

Contracts for school-led property projects and maintenance
Contracts for Ministry-led property projects
Insurance for school property projects

Designing Schools

When improving a school environment, schools should follow the Ministry requirements and guidelines for school design and project management, to ensure schools are safe and fit for purpose.

School Design

Learning Environments for education outcomes
Minimum standards for quality learning environments

Building standards and legislation

The relevant standards for school property work include the following:

Standards and Requirements for School Property Design

Summary of design standards
Legal requirements
Ministry requirements

The Building Act 2004 (external link)
The New Zealand Building Code(external link) 

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