Health and safety management

Find health and safety guidance specific to school property, traffic and school transport.

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  • Boards
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Proprietors
  • Third Party Contractors
  • General staff and Administrators
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Health and Safety Officer(s)
  • General Public

Roles and responsibilities

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

The Health and Safety at Work Act introduced a new approach to workplace health and safety by adopting broad coverage and involving all types of modern business and working relationships.

The Act requires Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) such as the Ministry of Education, School Boards, Contractors and Consultants, to consult, cooperate and coordinate activities with other PCBUs who share health and safety duties on the same matter.

Consulting with PCBUs factsheet [PDF, 363 KB]

Multiple PCBUs – upstreaming businesses(external link)

Overlapping duties under the HSWA(external link)

Health and safety management

Managing contractors
Requirements for operating during COVID-19 levels Operating school construction projects safely during COVID-19 Alert Levels
Responsibilities when engaging a contractor Property projects: Managing contractor health and safety
Health and safety during a project Role of the board during a school property project
Responsibilities, risk management information Role of the project manager during property projects
Responsibilities, risk management during construction Construction phase
When and how to get a police vet for contractors Police vetting for school property contractors
YouTube resource Keeping safe on a construction site(external link)
YouTube resource  Worker participation: If it doesn’t look right call it(external link)
Learn about the charter and its signatories Health and Safety Charter(external link)
Critical risk activities
Processes, regulations, resources Managing asbestos in schools
Health and safety responsibilities around safe use Electrical equipment testing in schools
Standards, guidance and information Electrical work in schools
WorkSafe resource Planning entry and working safely in a confined space – WorkSafe website(external link)
WorkSafe resource  Particular hazardous work (Notifiable works) – WorkSafe website(external link)
Urgent work
What to do if an urgent issue is identified Urgent health and safety work
Hazardous materials and substances
Advice for managing the risks Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated timber in schools
Types, standards, maintenance advice Glass installed in schools
Information, resources, the Code of Practice Hazardous substances on school sites
Information and advice Lead-based paint
Advice, resources PCBs in light fittings
Information, resources Poisonous plants
Helpful advice Moulds and fungi
WorkSafe resources Managing your lab's hazardous substances – WorkSafe website(external link)
Facilities and fixtures
Funding, maintenance and disposal advice Boilers for school heating
What is and isn't allowed Cellphone towers on school sites
Design standards, maintenance and other advice Lifts in schools
Installation and design advice Fencing at schools
Information and operational advice Joinery and hardware installed in schools
Information, resources and maintenance advice Septic tanks on school sites
Links to helpful resources Swimming pools at schools
Advice for schools, teachers and general staff Managing thermal comfort in classrooms
Drinking water  
Causes, how to deal, paying for Backflow prevention
Town or self-supply information Drinking water quality
Information, downloadable resources Weathertightness remediation
Requirements, advice, resources Fire safety design requirements (including developing evacuation procedures)
Requirements and advice Fire safety
'Specified systems and features'
Advice, resources, legal responsibilities Building warrants of fitness for school facilities
Advice, paying for, resources

Traffic management

Guidelines for reporting accidents Accidents and incidents on school transport
Advice for managing students who use busses School transport – Safety and behaviour

Health and safety responsibilities

Health, safety and wellbeing

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 – NZ Legislation website(external link)

The following guide is a supplementary resource to support people involved in governance and leadership at schools/kura to develop a clear understanding of what the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 means for them.

Health and safety: practical guide for boards and school leaders

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