10 Year Property Plan information for consultants

The 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) sets a 10-year schedule of school property maintenance and modernisation. 10YPP consultants are responsible for preparing the plan with schools.

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About the 10 Year Property Plan

The purpose of a 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) is to maximise student learning outcomes through the planned provision of quality learning environments within available budgets.

A 10YPP ensures that school buildings are maintained and meet the learning and teaching needs of the school.

10 Year Property Plan

A 10 Year Property Plan must be prepared by a Ministry-trained consultant.

Becoming a consultant

We select consultants for schools from our 10YPP consultant panel through a secondary tender process. The panel was created following a separate pre-qualification process.

To become a 10YPP consultant you must work for an organisation on the 10YPP consultant panel and complete our compulsory training.

For more information email TPHM.Commercial@education.govt.nz.

Tendering for bundles

Each year we group 3 to 8 schools ("bundles") whose 10YPP is due. We offer those bundles by closed tender to suppliers on the 10YPP consultants panel.

We evaluate the tenders based on a set evaluation criteria and determine the most appropriate 'packages' of work in a way that is practical, efficient and manageable. We award these based on a number of factors. 

Tendering for bundles


Participating in and passing the training programme is compulsory for all prospective 10YPP consultants.

The training is a distance learning package that includes readings, videos, exercises and assessments. You will be required to attend 3 one-hour webinar sessions.

We make sessions available for consultants who have been awarded bundles.

There may be some cases where you have been advised by your contract lead that attending this training. This is required depending on when your training was last completed.

See the training and events page for upcoming training.

Property training and events

Access to information systems

After you are engaged as a 10YPP consultant, you will need access to the following systems:

  • Education Sector Logon
  • WebFM MPlan
  • Helios portal
  • 10YPP application

Property data and asset management systems

Preparing a 10YPP

Following your appointment as a 10YPP consultant you can begin 10YPP preparation.

Use the 10YPP specifications document to understand the outputs required and quality standards expected when developing a 10YPP.

Learning environments for education outcomes

Steps for preparing a 10YPP

The 10YPP is prepared in 5 steps:

Step 1: Start-up and desktop condition assessment

Step 2: Detailed physical condition assessment and specialist reports

Step 3: Development of 10YPP

Step 4: Completion of 10YPP in the planner

Step 5: Approval of 10YPP

Forms, templates and guidelines

All forms, templates and guidelines to use when developing a 10YPP can be found on the following page:

10YPP tools and resources for consultants

Process diagram

This diagram shows the 10YPP process and the roles and responsibilities of consultants, schools and the Ministry.

The 10YPP is prepared in 5 steps10YPP amendments and 3-year 5-Year Agreement funding reviews are outside of this process. Consultants will be engaged to carry out reviews on a time and cost basis.

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