10 Year Property Plan - information for consultants

Overview and key information for prospective and current 10YPP consultants.

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The 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) sets a 10-year schedule of school property maintenance and modernisation. 10YPP consultants are responsible for preparing the 10YPP with schools.


The purpose of a 10YPP is to maximise student learning outcomes through the planned provision of quality learning environments within available budgets. That is, schools that are safe, functional, efficient and enduring.

The 10YPP:

  • prioritises
    • health and safety work that ensures the health and safety of building and site occupants
    • essential infrastructure works that ensure the integrity and structure of the site and buildings
  • plans for
    • maintenance work
    • modernising learning spaces
  • requests additional capital funding, if needed. For example, additional 5YA funding to cover the cost of a new boiler system.

A 10YPP ensures that school buildings are maintained and meet the learning and teaching needs of the school.

Becoming a 10YPP consultant

A 10YPP must be prepared by a Ministry trained 10YPP consultant.

To become a 10YPP consultant you must work for an organisation on the 10YPP Consultant Panel and complete the Ministry’s compulsory training.

The Ministry selects 10YPP consultants for schools from the panel through a secondary tender process.

Tendering for bundles

Each year the Ministry will tender small bundles of 3-8 schools whose 10YPP is due and offer those bundles by closed tender to suppliers on the 10YPP Consultants Panel. The Ministry will evaluate the tenders based on a set evaluation criteria and will determine the most appropriate “packages” of work, in a way that is practical, efficient and manageable, to award to consultants based on a number of factors. 

Tendering for bundles

Preparing a 10YPP

Following your appointment as a 10YPP consultant you can begin 10YPP preparation.

Use the 10YPP Specifications document to understand the outputs required and quality standards expected when developing a 10YPP.

10YPP Specifications [PDF, 405 KB]

Designing learning environments - School Evaluation of Physical Environment (SEPE)

The 10YPP is prepared in 5 steps:

All forms, templates and guidelines to use when developing a 10YPP can be found on the following page:

10YPP tools and resources for consultants

Summary diagram

This diagram shows the 10YPP process and the roles and responsibilities of consultants, schools and the Ministry.

The 10YPP is prepared in 5 steps


10YPP amendments and three-year 5YA reviews are outside of this process. Consultants will be engaged to carry out reviews on a time and cost basis.

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