Technical information for ICT contractors

This directory page provides links and information regarding ICT contractor registration, requirements and more.

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All ICT work carried out in schools must be completed by a Ministry approved contractor. 

Responsibilities of an ICT contractor

Schools can only hire contractors and get cabling products from the Ministry's Approved ICT Contractors List [XLSX, 117 KB].

These contracts are responsible to:

1. Meet Ministry standards
2. Report annually to the Ministry
3. Inform the Ministry of any issues
4. Supply warranties to Ministry standard

If you are a potential or current ICT contractor these resources will support you to adhere to our rules and requirements to work on school property including how to register on our approved contractor list.

Responsibilities of an ICT contractor

Ministry standards

Applying to be an ICT cabling contractor or a wireless integrator

Cable installers
Wireless integrators
Approved suppliers

Moving the fibre connection on school property

The ICT Infrastructure in Schools Operations Manual

Download The ICT Infrastructure in Schools Operations Manual [PDF, 973 KB]

The manual covers the process and administrative tasks of managing ICT infrastructure work in schools. It includes:

  • the background to the School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP)
  • an overview of the tasks involved
  • a breakdown of each phase in an ICT installation
  • roles and responsibilities.

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