Property projects led by schools and by the Ministry

This guidance details the kinds of school property projects, who takes the lead, and where the funding comes from.

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  • Construction Suppliers
  • Project Managers
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Boards

Most major school projects are led by the Ministry of Education, who is the client and buyer of services. Find out more about Ministry-led infrastructure projects – Education in New Zealand.

The remaining projects are led by schools, where services are engaged by a board and managed by a project manager appointed by the school.

Property projects managed by schools

Funding for maintaining and modernising school property is provided directly to state schools’ boards of trustees to be used for:

  • replacing building components (for example, roofing)
  • replacing plant and equipment (for example, boilers)
  • minor weathertightness repairs
  • general maintenance (for example, building cleaning and painting)
  • modifications to create flexible learning spaces.

To guide the effective use of this funding, each school prepares a 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) which is updated and agreed with the Ministry every 5 years.

Property projects managed by the Ministry

Funding for redevelopment and expansion of the school estate is managed directly by the Ministry’s Capital Works teams.

Capital Works funding is used for:

  • new schools
  • rebuilds of existing schools
  • redevelopments
  • building improvements
  • remediating weathertightness issues
  • earthquake strengthening
  • roll growth
  • Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme.

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