School Bus Procurement

Information and updates relating to the procurement of new daily bus and technology bus services.

Ministry of Education is the second largest provider of passenger services in New Zealand. This includes:

  • managing approximately 7,000 vehicle journeys each school day
  • carrying 40 million passenger journeys each year
  • assisting over 100,000 students safely to and from school every day
  • managing contracts for around 70 transport providers for bus services, specialised transport, and ferry services.

Procurement of future bus services

The current daily bus and technology bus contracts expire on 31 December 2021. These contracts service approximately 1,500 Daily Bus routes and 700 Technology routes.

Procurement will follow a Two Tender approach. Tender 1, which will come to market in early June 2020, is designed to meet the aspirations of smaller suppliers, with approximately 10% of routes allocated through this tender. This will be followed by Tender 2 in November 2020 which is designed to attract larger suppliers. Contracts will be in place to deliver services from Term 1, 2022.

Two Tender Procurement Timeline [PDF, 131 KB]

This page will be updated with more information as our procurement progresses.

Further information

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