Tendering for bundles for 10YPP consultants

Find information about the process, evaluation criteria and advice for writing tender proposals.

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  • 10YPP Consultants

Each year the Ministry will tender small bundles of 3-8 schools whose 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) is due and offer those bundles by closed tender to suppliers on the 10YPP Consultants Panel. The Ministry will evaluate the tenders based on set evaluation criteria and will determine the most appropriate packages of work, in a way that is practical, efficient and manageable, to award to consultants based on a number of factors.

Bundles of schools

Each year the Ministry will create small bundles of schools within a geographical area for use in the tender process. The main benefits of bundling are:

  • providing you an attractive package of work to enable you to plan for resource and provide efficiencies
  • consistency, timeliness, savings and quality of plans through direct management and contact by the Ministry with you
  • that by having plans submitted on time, schools can spend their 5 Year Agreement (5YA) funds sooner.

Tender process

Each year the Ministry will conduct a closed tender process with existing 10YPP consultants on the panel. You can bid for one or multiple bundles depending on capacity and capability to deliver on the tender proposals.

Guidance on writing good tender proposals

We will be looking for tenders with a well-thought-out approach and understanding of the 10YPP process, including the capability and capacity of planners, a detailed resource plan and ability to meet deadlines and quality standards. Price evaluation will be evaluated based on transparency and value-for-money, rather than the lowest price. Overall, we are looking for proposals that will demonstrate how you are able to produce a quality 10YPP for schools in your bundles.

Proposals that stand out:

  • are well-written and presented with sufficient detail throughout, without leaving the evaluation team guessing or having to make assumptions
  • provide a methodical and well-thought-out approach demonstrating a strong understanding of the outcomes the Ministry want to achieve and the risks/challenges through the process
  • provide strong assurance of the capability of planner/s, detailing your recent and relevant experience and knowledge of schools, the region and the 10YPP process
  • have a detailed resource plan for the bundle, a named planner for each school, and notes any other commitments and constraints that may impact delivery
  • understand the 10YPP process and allocates sufficient hours to create a quality plan.

Evaluation criteria

Each Ministry region will have an evaluation panel responsible for the individual and independent evaluation of each tender, followed by a national moderation process to ensure consistency across the regional evaluations and to finalise the evaluation scores.

Further guidance for each of the above evaluation criteria can be found in the Ministry Engaged Consultants tender documentation.

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