Pokapū Waka Kura

Pokapū Waka Kura is a secure online supplier portal for school transport providers.

How to log into Pokapū Waka Kura

  1. Click on this link: Pokapū Waka Kura supplier portal(external link). Note: Pokapū Waka Kura works best with the Chrome internet browser.
  2. Log into Pokapū Waka Kura using your ESL (Education Sector Logon) details.

Applying for access to Pokapū Waka Kura

In order for your company to be able to use Pokapū Waka Kura, your company must apply for access.

Delegated Authoriser

The first step in this process is to appoint a Delegated Authoriser.

A Delegator Authoriser is responsible for approving who from your company has access to your Pokapū Waka Kura information such as payment information, technology route waybill information and your monthly reports.

The CEO (or CEO equivalent) of your company is the Education Sector Logon Authoriser at your company. They can appoint someone else to be the Delegated Authoriser. 

User access

Once you have appointed a Delegated Authoriser, you can apply for User Access for your staff. Only a company’s Delegated Authoriser can approve Pokapū Waka Kura user access.

There are two Pokapū Waka Kura user roles:

  1. Transport Service Provider Route-Group Administrator

The Transport Service Provider Route-Group Administrator submits the monthly report information for their company.

  1. Transport Service Provider Contract Administrator

The Transport Service Provider Contract Administrator receives and view monthly payments information and can view all of their company’s monthly reports.

Please note that your Pokapū Waka Kura users will have access to all the information submitted by your company, i.e. it can’t be locked down to regional or group level.

How to apply for Delegated Authoriser status

Please note that if your CEO is also the Delegated Authoriser, they must fill in all three parts of the form.

How to apply for User Access

Send your completed forms to service.desk@education.govt.nz or post them to:

Education Service Desk
PO Box 1666
Wellington 6140

It is important that you send only your completed form. The Evidence of Identity documents are not required to be sent.

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