Risk Management Scheme – contents, liability and cyber insurance

Information about the Ministry of Education’s Risk Management Scheme including how to join, the cost and making a claim.

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  • Boards
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School boards can choose to join the non-profit scheme to get comprehensive contents, liability and cyber insurance for your school, or insure with a private insurance company. All school assets, other than land and buildings owned by the Crown, must be insured.

About the scheme

What it is: The Ministry of Education employs McLarens New Zealand as the loss assessors. IAG New Zealand Limited provides the liability and cyber insurance cover, and Marsh are the insurance broker for the Scheme.
Note: Lumley General Insurance and NZI are business divisions of IAG New Zealand Limited and may appear on communications.

What it is for: The scheme provides comprehensive contents, legal liability and cyber insurance coverage, including public liability cover.

Who it is for: State and state-integrated schools.

Keepsafe(external link)

How to join

Schools can join the scheme at any time during the year.

  • Once your school is a member, it stays in the scheme until you decide to withdraw
  • There is no annual renewal process.

To join:

  • fill out the application form and send it to us (the address is on the form)
  • you can specify the date cover is to start, so it’s in place before any existing cover expires
  • the application process only takes one day from when we receive the form.

Risk Management Scheme application form [PDF, 216 KB]

Note: Once your school’s application to join the scheme is approved, you need to cancel your existing insurance policy unless you have arranged the start of your cover to match the end of any existing cover.

We recommend you review your insurance regularly to make sure your school’s needs are still covered. If your needs change, contact Marsh to discuss your options (details below).

New schools

New schools are automatically made members of the scheme.

  • No levies are charged during a new school’s establishment phase
  • Levies begin once the school is open and operational.
  • Your board can opt out of the Ministry scheme and secure alternative cover once the school is open.

What it costs

The scheme’s insurance levy is $10.50 per pupil per annum. This will increase to $15.00 per pupil per annum from 1 January 2023 with a corresponding increase in Operational Grant Funding.

Your levy is deducted quarterly from your school’s operational funding entitlement.

Your operational funding entitlement notice tells you how much the levy is. Details are shown under the heading ‘Risk management’.

Make a claim

Contents claim

To make a contents claim via McLarens either:

Legal liability claim

To make a liability claim, call Lumley General Insurance.

Phone: 0800 293 031 (select option 4)

Cyber claim

In the event your school suffers a cyber breach contact Sedgwick on 0800 293 031 (option 6) or direct on 0800 694 292. Sedgwick are NZI's dedicated breach coach and they will mobilise necessary resources to help you resolve the situation.

Cancel your membership

To cancel your membership at any time, fill out the withdrawal form and send it to us.

  • The address is on the form.
  • Make sure you include evidence that your school has alternative insurance cover.
  • For example, a copy of the policy or a letter from your new insurance company confirming cover.
  • When your withdrawal is approved, you’ll receive a refund of the per pupil deduction for the part of the year for which cover has been paid for through the operational funding deduction.

Risk Management Scheme withdrawal form [PDF, ]

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