When a student leaves your school

This page supports schools to follow the procedures associated with the departure of a student from their school.

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Regulation 11 of the Education (School Attendance) Regulations 1951 states that on the day that your principal first knows that a student has left your school, they must record that the student has left and note the student’s last day of tuition.

Last day of attendance

The last day of attendance is:

  • regarded by the Ministry as the student’s leaving date
  • the basis for determining whether the student will be included in the roll return for resourcing purposes (rather than the completion of a leaving clearance form and/or formal notice of withdrawal at a later date).

The 20-day rule

Regulation 11 also requires your principal to record that a student has left your school when the student has been absent for any period of 20 consecutive school days, unless the principal has been told that the student’s absence is only temporary.

Updating ENROL when a student leaves

The following information sets out the actions in ENROL your principal must take when a student leave your school.

These actions must be taken if:

  • your principal has been advised that a student is no longer attending your school, or
  • a student has been absent for 20 school days without your principal being informed that the absence is only temporary, or
  • a student has been absent for less than 20 days but your principal has reason to believe they won't return to the school.

If these criteria apply, your principal must then:

  • ensure that the teaching and learning notes are included on the student’s ENROL record
  • ensure any supporting information has been kept on the student’s file in the school (ENROL is flagged to indicate the notes exist and then the new school must request them), and
  • confirm the last day of attendance for tuition at the school and ensure the student’s record in ENROL is updated with that information within five school days.

If the student is domestic and under 16 years of age, an Attendance Service process will be implemented within ENROL, based on the last day of attendance for tuition.

Updating the Student Management System when a student leaves

The student type should be changed from regular enrolment (RE) to not attending (NA) in the Student Management System if a student:

  • is absent on the roll count date and isn't expected to return
  • doesn't meet the requirements for being included on a roll return, for example, a student that's excluded but not yet enrolled at another school
  • is currently not attending your school and you're unsure if he/she is leaving.

This allows the student to remain on the school roll for administrative purposes, but the student won't be included in the school's roll count.

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