Responsibilities of an ICT contractor

Schools must only hire contractors and get cabling products from the Ministry's Approved ICT Contractors List, who have the following responsibilities:

1. Meet Ministry standards

The technical standards, guidelines and policies for school networks.

Regulations, Codes of Practice and Standards

Changes to schools’ networks must meet our current guidelines and standards for Information and Communications Technology (ICT):

ICT Cabling Infrastructure policy and standards for schools [PDF, 488 KB]

Ministry of Education switching policy and standards [PDF, 687 KB]

Wireless LAN Guidelines — Understanding wireless [PDF, 789 KB]

Wireless LAN Guidelines — Build and maintain [PDF, 927 KB]

Wireless product specifications [PDF, 319 KB]

The standards are mainly for contractors and consultants, but schools must ensure their project managers also know about them.

2. Report annually to the Ministry

If requested, provide a report to us each year listing the projects currently in progress, projects completed and confirm all warranties are in place for them.

3. Inform the Ministry if you discover issues

Tell us immediately if you:

  • discover previous ICT work in a school that hasn't been completed to the Ministry’s standards
  • are asked to complete work that doesn't meet the Ministry’s standards.

4. Supply warranties to Ministry standard

Warranties supplied for ICT installations and upgrades must meet these standards:

Warranties for Cable Infrastructure

There are 2 types of warranties to be aware of.

  1. Installation warranty — A 2-year installation warranty covering any installation defects by the ICT contractor at no cost to the Ministry or school.
  2. Manufacturer's warranty — The warranty must cover the cabling product supplier's minimum 20-year performance warranty covering product performance.

Warranties for Active Equipment

Network switches

A 5-year manufacturer warranty from the supplier for product performance. This is for replacement or repair of systems or components and labour, if they fail to meet the specified performance standards.*

Wireless hardware

A 90-day onsite maintenance warranty including labour. This will enable any wireless network operational failures to be rectified during the warranty period.

A 5-year manufacturer warranty from the wireless product supplier on product performance. This is for replacement or repair of systems or components and labour if they fail to meet the specified performance standards.*

*It may be possible to extend manufacturer warranties through the central procurement agreement that the Ministry holds with some of the approved providers of wireless and switching products.

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