Applying to be an ICT cabling contractor or a wireless integrator

Access the approved ICT contractor list and application form.

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  • ICT contractors
  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Boards
  • Project managers

Approved contractors

ICT contractors must follow the process to apply and register with the Ministry's approved ICT contractors list.

For data cabling contractors there is an additional training course required. All contractors must be approved by the Ministry to work on school projects, which includes installing structured cabling, supplying structured cabling product and integrating wireless services.

Cable installers

ICT cable installers wanting to apply to be on the Ministry of Education’s approved ICT contractors list must be certified installers of a Ministry-approved supplier structured cabling product or products. 

  • Once your company becomes a certified installer of an approved manufacturer’s product and has completed a number of warrantied installations (manufacturer to determine), you can ask the manufacturer to nominate your company to be on the approved ICT contractors list.
  • Once nominated, the Ministry will contact you to ensure that you understand what's expected of approved contractors.

Data cabling contractors must also complete the Ministry’s ICT cable infrastructure standards training course. This course covers the requirements in the Ministry’s cabling infrastructure policy and standards for schools.

The training courses are run by Torque IP.

School network upgrade project – Torque IP(external link)

Wireless integrator application form

Email the application form below to

Approved cabling product suppliers

For structured cabling installations and wireless integration services, installers and integrators must source from Ministry-approved structured cabling product suppliers only.

Refer to the 'cabling product' information in the approved ICT contractors list.

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