Apply for school transport assistance – School Transport Hub | Pokapū Waka Kura

Pokapū Waka Kura |School Transport Hub is a secure online portal that schools, kura and caregivers use to submit school transport assistance information and applications to the Ministry of Education.

Schools can use Pokapū Waka Kura to:

Log in to Pokapū Waka Kura(external link) 

How to access to Pokapū Waka Kura 

Schools can access Pokapū Waka Kura through an Education Sector Logon (ESL). Ask your school’s ESL delegated authoriser to add the ‘Pokapū Waka Kura school user role’ to your ESL account at Education Sector Logon – Applications & Online Systems(external link).

More information on Pokapū Waka Kura can be found here: 

Pokapū Waka Kura(external link)

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