Updating a 10YPP

Find information about why and when you should update your 10YPP.

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  • Boards
  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Proprietors
  • Project managers
  • Property managers

Boards may need to update your 10YPP as things change at your school.

Updating your 10YPP

Your 10YPP consultant should be available to update your 10YPP throughout the 5YA cycle if necessary. It will be necessary to seek a quote for the time and cost needed to complete a review.

After 3 years of your 5YA cycle, we review your 5YA funding to see if you are eligible for an increase. You can review your 10YPP at this time. You only have to resubmit it to us if:

  • your budget needs to be reviewed to take into account roll growth or inflation
  • projects have been added or significantly changed.

5YA funding

Significant changes may have occurred to projects because:

  • funding has changed, such as an increase in your 5YA budget
  • you have had to adjust your budget due to an urgent project
  • significant over or under spending that means some projects may not be completed, or it is possible to add new ones
  • your school has a disastrous event, like a fire, that affects the planned projects
  • you cannot get consultants and building contractors to do the work
  • you will not be able to take on the projects, given your other school commitments.

You may have to review your 10YPP at other times, if any of the above happens. You will not necessarily have to complete a new condition assessment each time you update your 10YPP.

Formally renewing the 10YPP every 5 years

You must formally renew your 10YPP every 5 years, so you can sign a new 5YA. A 10YPP consultant must undertake a new condition assessment.

Follow the same process when preparing a new 10YPP.

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