Engagement of a 10YPP consultant

10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) consultants are chosen through a tender of consultants from the approved panel. The Ministry will engage, contract with, and fund consultants and the 5 high-level specialist reports. Schools that do not wish to participate in this Ministry engaged process may opt out and choose, manage, and fund their own consultants, with the usual Ministry contribution.

Ministry engaged consultants

If you are happy for the Ministry to engage a 10YPP consultant for your school, you do not have to do anything more.

The Ministry will advise who your consultant will be in August, after which your consultant will contact you directly and begin the 10YPP process.

The Ministry will engage a consultant for you, sign and manage the contract, and fund the consultant and 5 high-level specialist reports.

Schools that opt out

If you wish to opt out you must select and manage the consultant, and fund the 10YPP. The standard Ministry contribution to the cost will be provided.

Schools must advise their property advisor of their decision to opt out in writing and include a copy of the board minute. You must then select a consultant in line with the Ministry's timeframes for completing a 10YPP.

Choosing a 10YPP consultant

If you choose to opt out of the Ministry engaged consultants process you must select a consultant from the approved panel list.

10YPP Consultant Panel [XLSX, 822 KB]

If you have trouble using the list, please email EIS.Commercial@education.govt.nz.

All consultants on this list have completed the Ministry’s compulsory training.

The Ministry provides a standard contract to use when engaging a consultant.

You must have a signed contract prior to work beginning on your 10YPP and you must provide a copy of the signed contract to your property advisor.

Getting quotes

How many quotes?

Where the total service fee is less than $50,000, you must obtain at least one quote from a consultant on the panel.

Where the total service fee is greater than $50,000, you must obtain at least 3 quotes from consultants on the panel.

To get a good comparison we recommend you obtain a minimum of 3 quotes whenever engaging a consultant.

What to send when you ask for a quote

You must send prospective consultants a 10YPP Request for Quotation (RFQ).

The RFQ must contain:

  • 10YPP Specification (describes what a 10YPP consultant must do to prepare a 10YPP)
  • the 10YPP Standard Contract, which consists of the 10YPP Consultant Form of Agreement
  • Short Form Model Conditions of Engagement and the Ministry Special Conditions (included in the RFQ).

Download the RFQ documents from Contacts for construction works and professional services.

Your chosen consultant must provide a written RFQ response for your approval and a signed copy of the 10YPP Standard Contract.

You should not disclose the amount of your Ministry contribution as part of this process. Consultants’ hourly rates were set by them and fixed as part of their panel membership. Acceptable quotes should be based on the time they need to complete a good quality plan, at their fixed rate, rather than reducing the time available to meet the cost of your Ministry contribution.

This is not to say your consultant cannot complete a good quality plan in the time allowed by the Ministry contribution, but their RFQ response should detail how they will do so.

You must forward a copy of the completed RFQ response and signed contract to your property advisor.

Paying for 10YPP preparation

Ministry engaged consultants

If you use the Ministry engaged consultants process, the Ministry will cover the cost of preparing your 10YPP including the cost of the consultant and the 5 required high-level specialist reports. We will withhold your Ministry contribution which will be put toward the cost of your plan.

Schools that opt out

We will continue to contribute towards this cost as we recognise that preparing a high-quality plan involves significant time and money, and good planning delivers benefits to the Crown as the owner of school property.

The payment is made on 1 July of the renewal year of your 5 Year Agreement (5YA). For example, the 10YPP contribution for a 2020/21 5YA Budget will be paid on 1 July 2020. The payment is made directly into your bank account and you are not required to submit an invoice.

Ministry contribution

You will receive a base rate ($3600 + GST) and an additional amount ($150) for each teaching space you have up to your teaching space entitlement. If your school already receives an isolation payment, you will get an additional amount in your 10YPP planning contribution.

Additional detailed specialist reports

In either case, you will need to fund any additional detailed specialist reports from operational funding (for example, the cost of camera drain inspections which are not covered in the high-level drainage report). If a 5YA project results from an additional report you may recover the cost of the report from funding provided for the project.

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