Renting motor vehicles

Learn about the all-of-government (AoG) rental vehicles contract. It allows your school to rent passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles such as minibuses and vans.

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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Staff responsible for buying on behalf of their school
  • Boards

Benefits of this contract

All-of-government (AoG) contracts are optional for schools to join. If your school has not joined the all-of-government contract and is renting a vehicle as a standard customer, we recommended that you consider the advice on this page.

Joining an all-of-government (AoG) contract is likely to save your school both time and money, while also reducing risk.

All-of-government contracts

The AoG rental vehicles contract offers the following benefits to schools:

  • discounted hire rates
  • competitively priced insurance options
  • in addition to the standard daily-hire model, there are 'less than one day' (car sharing) rental options in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • a choice from 4 daily-hire suppliers and 3 'less than one day' suppliers every time a vehicle is needed.

How to join the contract

The process for joining the AoG rental vehicles contract is similar to other AoG contracts.

  1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. Read about the contract and the memorandum of understanding.
  3. Complete a joining form (form of accession).
  4. Evaluate rental suppliers.
  5. Complete a service order.
  6. Make rental bookings.

1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

If your school has not signed up to an AoG contract before, you will need to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) available on the NZ Government Procurement (NZGP) website.

Non-disclosure agreement form – NZGP(external link)

You can email to find out if your school has already completed an NDA.

2. Read about the contract and the memorandum of understanding

What is a memorandum of understanding?

Log in to the NZGP website to access more information on the contract. You will need to use your school-linked RealMe account because you will have access to commercially sensitive information.

Rental vehicles – NZGP(external link)(external link)

School-linked RealMe

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is in the 'Contract documents' section of the rental vehicles contract page. The MoU sets out the obligations of schools participating in the contract.

3. Complete a joining form (form of accession)

What is a joining form?

The Form of Accession (FoA) confirms your school agrees to the terms set out in the MoU.

Form of Accession for rental vehicles – NZGP(external link)

4. Evaluate rental suppliers

You will need to forecast your future rental vehicle needs.

  • What sort of vehicle(s) do you expect to use?
  • For how long do you expect to rent each time?

It will be useful to look at our key rental vehicle considerations at this time. (See more below.)

See also the 'services comparison guides' found at the bottom of the NZGP webpage to compare each supplier’s offering.

Using the rental vehicles contract – NZGP(external link)

5. Complete a service order

  • Complete a service order for each of the suppliers that you expect to rent vehicles from.
  • The more suppliers that a service order is signed for, the more flexibility your school has when selecting a rental vehicle in the future.
  •  There is a single service order template that can be provided to all daily-hire suppliers.
  • Each 'less than one day' rental supplier must receive a completed version of their own unique service order.
  • Send the service order to a supplier using their contact details on the NZGP webpage (contact details will be visible when logged in with a school-linked RealMe).

Rental vehicles suppliers – NZGP(external link)

6. Make rental bookings

Your school can now make bookings under the AoG contract with each supplier that you have completed a service order for.

See our key considerations when booking rental vehicles for further advice.

Key considerations for renting vehicles

Rental supplier

You can compare rental period models and suppliers by looking at the 'services comparison guides' information found at the bottom of the NZGP webpage.

You must be logged in with your school-linked RealMe.

Using the rental vehicles contract – NZGP(external link)

Rental period

Price per day

  • 4 suppliers offer daily rentals under the AoG contract.
  • A vehicle’s price per-day often decreases the longer the vehicle is rented for.

Less than one day

  • 'Less than one day' rental (also known as car sharing) is available from 3 suppliers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch under the AoG contract.
  • Less than one day prices can be charged by the hour or by the minute.
  • These prices include fuel/electric charge, parking and vehicle maintenance. Insurance can be arranged through the supplier, or drivers can be self-insured.
  • Less than one day bookings can be made on a round-trip model, where the car is collected from and dropped off at one designated car park.
  • Bookings might instead be free-floating, where the car is dropped off at a point different from the point that it was collected from.
  • The booking model offered varies by rental supplier.


When selecting a vehicle, consider how it will be used:

  • How many people will want to use the vehicle? Will it be a smaller group, or larger (such as a sports team)?
  • How much storage space will be required in the vehicle?
  • What sort of vehicle will the users be comfortable driving?
  • Are there any passengers the vehicle needs to be easily accessible for?
  • How long will a trip made in the vehicle last?
  • Will the trip made be on open roads or busy urban areas?

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