Buying workplace and classroom furniture

Learn about workplace and classroom furniture contract which covers office and classroom furniture and services associated with the furniture.

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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Staff responsible for buying on behalf of their school
  • Boards

Benefits of joining this contract

Joining a collaborative contract is likely to save a school both time and money, while also reducing risk.

The workplace and classroom furniture contract is a 'common capability' contract managed by New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP). It differs to an all-of-government contract, but the experience that schools will have when using the contract is the same.

Collaborative contracts explained

The workplace and classroom furniture contract offers the following benefits to your school:

  • you can save an average of 16% on classroom furniture, compared with best prices available outside of the contract.
  • you can choose to buy from any supplier on the panel at any time, including any of the five suppliers who offer classroom furniture.
  • NZGP manages the contract with the suppliers and manages their ongoing performance.

How to join the contract

The process for joining the workplace and classroom furniture contract is similar to the process for all-of-government (AoG) contracts.

  1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. Research the suppliers' product and service offerings.
  3. Complete a joining form.
  4. Select a preferred supplier for your one-off purchases.
  5. Identify your requirements.
  6. Complete the purchase.

1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

If your school has not signed up to an AoG contract before, you will need to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) available on the NZ Government Procurement (NZGP) website.

Non-disclosure agreement form – NZGP(external link)

You can email to find out if your school has already completed an NDA.

2. Research the suppliers' product and service offerings

Research the product offerings from the available suppliers through their websites.

Log in to the NZGP website to access more information on the contract. You will need to use your school-linked RealMe account because you will have access to commercially sensitive information.

Workplace and classroom furniture suppliers – NZGP(external link)

School-linked RealMe

Detailed information about a supplier's participation in the contract can be accessed in the 'supporting documents' section of their profile on the NZGP website.

Each supplier's AoG product catalogue is available from NZGP upon request to

3. Complete a joining form

What is a joining form?

Joining the contract does not:

  • commit your school to making any purchase
  • commit your school to only using suppliers available through the contract.

An online joining form for this contract is available on the NZGP website beside step 6 (you will need to be logged in with a school-linked RealMe account).

Joining the workplace and classroom furniture contract – NZGP(external link)

Once the joining form is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from NZGP.

4. Select a preferred supplier for your one-off purchases

Based on the research done during Step 2, select a preferred supplier using the form NZGP sends to you.

The supplier will set you up with access to their online portal and apply the contract's conditions to your account to make ordering easier.

Your school is not limited to using your preferred supplier only. You may approach other suppliers for furniture through the contact stated on the NZGP website.

Workplace and classroom furniture suppliers – NZGP(external link)

5. Identify your requirements

In addition to identifying the quantity of specific items you need (for example, 60 chairs) ensure that you identify:

  • the needs of the furniture's most regular users, including features such as height, material, durability and how easy the furniture is to move
  • how long you would like a product's warranty to be effective for
  • which furniture pieces meet users' needs, which don’t meet their needs, and which exceed their needs.

6. Complete the purchase

If your purchase is expected to be seen by suppliers as high-value (for example $100,000+), follow our advice for high-value purchases. 

High-value purchases

Otherwise, based on your requirements and research into the suppliers’ offerings, complete your purchase.

  • Your selected supplier will advise you on their ordering process.
  • You will need to issue a purchase order either online or through another agreed process.
  • You should discuss delivery requirements with the supplier at the time of purchase.

Funding for furniture

For requirements, guidance and information regarding funding, refer to:

Furniture and equipment funding for state schools

Furniture and equipment for state-integrated schools

Key considerations for buying furniture

What suppliers are available through the contract?

Suppliers who offer classroom furniture and may offer office furniture and furniture services:

  • Class (fit outs and commodity furniture)
  • Kada (fit outs and commodity furniture)
  • OfficeMax (fit outs and commodity furniture)
  • Sebel (fit outs)
  • The Warehouse Group (commodity furniture only).

Suppliers who offer furniture and furniture services, but do not offer classroom furniture:

  • Aspect (fit outs)
  • Bourneville Furniture Group (fit outs)
  • Crestline (fit outs)
  • Europlan (fit outs and commodity furniture)
  • Vidak (fit outs)
  • Zenith (fit outs).

Commodity furniture means one-off, ad-hoc purchases, not connected to a full fit out.

Fit outs include designing furniture layouts, creating bespoke furniture, and installing products.

Although some suppliers are listed as fit-out suppliers, schools can contact those suppliers to discuss any one-off/ad-hoc needs.

High-value purchases

If you are making a purchase which could be viewed as 'high value' (for example, $100,000 and above), you might approach multiple contracted suppliers of your own choice for quotes.

Suppliers may make improved offers to secure the high-value all-of-government order.

If doing this, you should provide the suppliers you approach with information including:

  • the quantity and description of products required
  • any requirements in regard to colour, quality, materials, style and functionality
  • the relevant timeframes (such as delivery required before)
  • the location of delivery
  • how the preferred offer will be identified (see our guidance on evaluating a supplier's offer – link below)
  • the school's contact point (if the suppliers have any clarification questions to ask about the requirement)
  • when the suppliers must respond with a quote before, if they are to be considered for the order.

Evaluating a supplier's offer

You can do this by emailing the supplier contact stated on the NZGP website.

Workplace and classroom furniture suppliers – NZGP(external link)

Purchasing services associated with furniture

Services related to buying furniture can also be purchased through the contract.

These services include:

  • fit-out planning and layout design
  • installation
  • maintenance, support and repair
  • furniture hire
  • sustainable disposal, recycling and repurposing
  • cable management services
  • bespoke manufacturing

If you are interested in any of these services, email NZGP at for more information on which suppliers might best meet your needs.

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