Buying IT hardware

Learn about the all-of-government IT hardware contract. With this contract, schools can purchase laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, monitors, tablets, mobile phones, meeting room equipment and more.

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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Staff responsible for buying on behalf of their school
  • Boards

Benefits of joining this contract

Joining an all-of-government (AoG) contract is likely to save your school both time and money, while also reducing risk.

All-of-government contracts

The AoG IT hardware contract offers the following benefits to schools:

  • Schools can expect to save approximately 14% on average when purchasing through the contract, compared with the best pricing offered by suppliers outside of AoG.
  • Schools can purchase any in-scope product from any panel supplier at any time.
  • Meeting room equipment is available under the contract, including screens, digital whiteboards and projectors.
  • Schools can lease products under the contract if they wish to do so.
  • Schools may appoint a third-party agent (TPA) to purchase through the contract on behalf of the school.

How to join the contract

The process for joining the IT hardware contract is similar to that for other AoG contracts.

  1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. Read about the contract and the memorandum of understanding.
  3. Complete a joining form.
  4. Select your device and service.
  5. Identify potential suppliers.
  6. Request quotes.
  7. Complete the purchase.

1. Complete a non-disclosure agreement

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

If your school hasn’t signed up to an AoG contract before, you will need to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

You can do this on the New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) website.

Non-disclosure agreement form – NZGP(external link)

You can contact to find out if your school has already completed an NDA.

2. Read about the contract and the memorandum of understanding

What is a memorandum of understanding? 

Log in to the NZGP website to access more information on the contract. You will need to be using your school-linked RealMe account because you will gain access to commercially sensitive information.

IT hardware – NZGP(external link)

School-linked RealMe

Read the memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the IT hardware contract in the 'contract documents' section on the NZGP website. The MoU sets out the obligations of schools participating in the contract.

3. Complete a joining form

What is a joining form?

The joining form confirms your school agrees to the terms set out in the MoU.

An online joining form for this contract is available in the 'contract documents' section of the NZGP webpage (you will need to be logged in with a school-linked RealMe account).

IT hardware – NZGP(external link)

  • Your school may choose to submit a 'letter of accession' (printable PDF) instead of the online joining form.
  • You can download a copy of the PDF from the 'contract documents' section on the NZGP webpage.
  • Once completed, email the form to

Once the joining form is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

4. Select your device and service

Types of devices and services covered

Things to consider when purchasing devices:

  • requirements for the most regular users, including aspects such as battery-life, durability and processing power
  • which devices meet users’ needs, which don’t and which exceed their needs
  • which devices are compatible with the software and systems used throughout the rest of your school
  • system-integration requirements.

5. Identify potential suppliers

When you have confirmed which devices you want, identify which suppliers offer them. You have a range of manufacturers, resellers and retailers to choose from, depending on the product category.

6. Request quotes

Request a quote from your shortlisted supplier or suppliers.

Supplier contact details can be found below.

IT hardware suppliers – NZGP(external link)

You should:

  • compare both price and non-price features before making a decision. Non-price features include warranties, after-sale support and the return policy
  • consider the whole-of-life costs and not just the up-front purchase price.

7. Complete the purchase

Your selected supplier will be able to advise you on their ordering process.

You will need to issue a purchase order either online or through another agreed process.

You should discuss delivery requirements with the supplier at the time of purchase.

Key considerations for IT hardware

Types of devices and services covered

Your school has the option to buy any in-scope product from any panel supplier. The devices and services that are in scope are provided below.

Devices and IT hardware products

  • desktops
  • laptops
  • chromebooks
  • monitors
  • tablets
  • peripherals
  • mobile phones
  • large format interactive displays
  • interactive/digital whiteboards
  • projectors.


  • asset tagging
  • BIOS tagging/updates/configuration
  • device imaging
  • hardware component installation
  • disposal/recycling/redeployment
  • hard drive degaussing/wiping
  • virus free assurance
  • PC/device-as-a-service
  • driver/firmware management
  • installation/deployment
  • leasing. 


The panel of suppliers includes a combination of 2 manufacturers, 5 resellers, 2 retailers and an e-waste recycling specialist.

  • Cyclone Computer Company: All in-scope products and services.
  • Datacom Services: All in-scope products and services, except supplementary hardware.
  • Futureworks: Only meeting room equipment and associated services.
  • HP New Zealand: All in-scope products and services, except meeting room equipment and mobile devices.
  • Lenovo (Australia & NZ): All in-scope products and services.
  • Noel Leeming Group: All in-scope products and services.
  • PB Technologies: All in-scope products and services.
  • Remark IT Solutions: Only associated services (e-waste recycling).
  • Spark New Zealand: All in-scope products and services, except computer peripherals.
  • The Laptop Company: All in-scope products and services.

IT hardware suppliers – NZGP(external link)

Third-party agents

Your school can appoint a third-party agent to purchase through the AoG contract on your behalf.

To learn more about appointing a third-party agent, see the NZGP website.

Using the IT hardware contract – NZGP(external link)

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