Changes to ENROL - August 2018

Health Schools as off-site units

All schools will now be required to update ENROL for every student who's attending a Health School.

We're making this change for schools to better track students who are legitimately off-site (Health School). Schools and Health Schools will be able to consult and check students' attending off-site education settings and mark attendance correctly.

What to do

  • Find the student.
  • Click “Change Details” on the Student Details screen.
  • Tick the “Attending Off-site” box on the Edit Student screen.
  • If the student is attending your school part-time, tick the “Part-time” box.
  • Select the “Unit Type” Health School.
  • Select the relevant Health School from the “Institution Name” drop-down.
  • Enter the “Begin Date”.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Click “Save”.

Dropdown image showing 3 Health Schools available in the drop-down

When you enrol a student in a Health School, ENROL will send you an email with a copy to the Health School:

  • email subject line: Student xxx xxxxxxx 123456789 entered a Health School
  • Message text: Student xxx xxxxxxxx 123456789 entered the xxxxxx Health School on 23/07/2018

When you remove a student from a Health School, ENROL will send you an email with a copy to the Health School:

  • email subject line: Student xxx xxxxxxx 123456789 left a Health School
  • Message Text: Student xxx xxxxxxxx 123456789 Left the xxxxxx Health School on 24/07/2018

You'll  be able to find the list of your students attending a Health School in the report 'Off-site students'.

A new report will be available for Health Schools only, that lists the students attending their school as off-site: Students enrolled in other schools attending my school.

Removal of Non Enrolment Notification for Gone Overseas Withdrawals

ENROL users can no longer submit a Non Enrolment Notification (NEN) from the Edit Enrolment screen.

This is because the Ministry first checks if students expected to go overseas are still in New Zealand before ENROL issues a NEN task.

Warning when you select a First Day of Attendance too far back

A warning message will appear when the First Date of Attendance (FDA) entered is more than 30 days in the past.

The warning message won't prevent the user from proceeding with the FDA entered — it's intended to prompt the user to double check that the date wasn't entered in error.

image shows a text box alert when user enters the wrong date

If the date is correct, click OK and continue. Otherwise, click OK and change the date entered.

School ENROL users will be able to select their Year level rollover cut-off date

ENROL currently uses 1 July as the rollover cut-off date between Year levels. This means all Year 1 students who started up to and including the 1 July in any given year, will move to Year 2 in January the following year.

However, some schools use a different cut-off date. This means they currently have to manually reset the current Year level for some of their students.

Now ENROL will allow schools to select a Year 1 cut-off date from a dropdown range. This date will be used to determine which students move from Year 1 to Year 2, based on their FDA.

To set Year 1 cut-off date

Click on the Update School Details link at the bottom of any page in ENROL. It was previously labelled Update School Email.

image showing new link text in menu

The Year 1 cut-off date field is positioned beneath the school email.

By default, the Year 1 cut-off date will be set to 1 July.

image showing drop down menu with cut off date

The drop-down list allows users to select from these cut-off date options:

  • 31 March
  • 13 April
  • 30 May
  • 31 May
  • 30 June
  • 1 July

New training modules for all new ENROL users

Our Training Services team will soon introduce a new online training module for all new users (including read-only users). New users will need to complete this module before being given access to ENROL or registering for the web-based workshop. This new training module will ensure that users are aware of ENROL privacy requirements. This module will be self-paced.

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