Apply for the School High Health Needs Fund

To apply for the School High Health Needs Fund (SHHNF), schools must take responsibility for the completion of the application. They must work with parents or caregivers to ensure they provide all current and relevant information.

School staff involved in the application process

Educators must complete the application form and obtain up to date medical information from the child’s specialist on part D of the application form, with help from the parents and caregivers to get all the necessary information.

Remember to check the Eligibility Criteria for the School High Health Needs Fund before applying and refer to the School High Health Needs Fund Examples.

How to apply for the School High Health Needs Fund

  1. Download the School High Health Needs Fund application form [DOCX, 63 KB]
  2. Complete Parts A and B electronically.
  3. Enter the educator and parent or caregiver details in Part C.
  4. Fill in the student details section in Part D.
  5. Print Part C and Part D. 
  6. Arrange for the student's medical specialist to fill in Part D and return it to you.
  7. Sign Part C after reading all the information in the application.
  8. Arrange for the parent or caregiver to read and then sign the completed form.
  9. Send the completed form (parts A, B, C and D) to:

Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by email within two working days.

What happens once an application for funding is submitted

Once the Assurance and Eligibility team receives an application, it goes to a panel of verifiers.

The verifiers read the application carefully and then decide whether the child or student is eligible for SHHNF.  This verification process usually takes 15 working days.

The Manager Eligibility then notifies the decision in writing to the parents and/or caregivers and the educator.

If the verifiers don’t have enough information to make a decision, they will request more information from the educator.  They may also seek the opinion of an independent medical specialist. Once additional information is received the original application together with the additional information will be processed within 15 working days.

Applications can be made at any time.

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