Specialist Teacher Outreach Service

Learn about the Specialist Teacher Outreach Service (outreach service).

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  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Learning Support Coordinators and SENCOs
  • Learning Support Specialist Staff
  • Parents, Caregivers and Whānau
  • Boards

How the outreach service works

The outreach service provides a specialist itinerant teaching service for students on the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) in their local area. The specialist teachers provide support to the student in their enrolling school. 

The specialist teacher works as part of the student’s support team, which includes their class teachers, learning support staff, support staff and family or whānau.

How schools work with the service

When schools have an outreach service teacher, they transfer their ORS staffing to the outreach service provider school. The provider school can then employ the specialist teacher.

We support the outreach service provider with funding for administration and travel.

A memorandum of agreement between the provider school and local school outlines the roles and responsibilities for both schools. The specialist teacher also uses a practice framework to guide them.

What specialist teachers do

The teachers work with students and also support the class teacher, the local school support staff and the student’s whānau.

They undertake a range of activities, which can include:

  • teaching students in class or in small groups
  • assessing a student’s learning needs
  • putting together programmes for a student within the classroom curriculum
  • monitoring the student’s progress and planning their next steps
  • modelling different strategies for teachers and teacher aides
  • helping teachers to work with the curriculum
  • adapting materials or supports so the student can access the learning programme
  • asking for our support 
  • contributing to a student’s individual education plan.

How to get a specialist teacher

Contact the outreach service provider school in your area to enrol in the service.

If you don’t know where that school is, contact your local Ministry of Education office to find out.

Local Ministry of Education

How to become an outreach service provider school

Contact your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry offices

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