Out of Hours Music and Art

Learn about how to run the Out of Hours Music and Art (OOHMA) programme in your school and who to contact for help.

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About Out of Hours Music and Art (OOHMA)

OOHMA was established in the 1950’s to assist primary and intermediate schools to further their student’s education through out-of-hours professional tuition not normally available within the staffing of schools.

The programme provides a national allocation of approximately 56,000 hours for music and art classes in New Zealand each year.

OOHMA is intended to promote equity and give access to those who can’t normally access music and art classes.

For more information about the programme, including details about how it is administered, please see the OOHMA programme guide [PDF, 233 KB].

New host schools

If your school is interested in hosting OOHMA, get in touch with your local ministry office and they will discuss with you the needs of your area, the criteria for host schools and if there are hours available.

Please keep in mind that there is large demand and limited hours available.

Existing host schools

The ministry is here to support you in running OOHMA. If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with your local ministry office.

For details about the programme, see the programme guide above. You can also find information about OOHMA funding on the Ministry’s page: Operational funding components.

Further information for host schools around the management of OOHMA staff can be found in:

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