Reviewing decisions about applications

You may request a review when an application for the School High Health Needs Fund is declined or when new information about eligibility is made available.

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  • Educators, Teachers and Kaiako
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • All Early Learning Services
  • Learning Support Coordinators and SENCOs
  • Learning Support Specialist Staff
  • Mātua and Caregivers
  • Boards
  • Non-Government Agencies
  • Disability Sector

When to request a review

When an application for School High Health Needs Fund (SHHNF) is unsuccessful or circumstances change, the applicant can request a review of the verifiers' decision.

The educator, in consultation with mātua | parents and the team around the ākonga | student should write the request for review. This will help provide the verifiers with a comprehensive picture of the nature and frequency of the health condition and the level of support an ākonga requires at school.

The review process

The request for review must be done within 2 months of the letter explaining the verifiers’ decision.

The request must:

  • be completed by the educator with mātua or caregivers and the team around the ākonga
  • provide new information not included in the original application, and
  • be made by email or letter.

You may like to go through the decision letter that explained why the application was declined. If there is anything in the explanation the team feel is not an accurate interpretation of the needs, this may be a good starting point around which to base the additional information.

You may also choose to clarify or expand on the information in the application to give the verifiers a complete picture of the health needs while at school.

The verifiers will consider the additional information along with the original application and provide a letter with their decision.

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