Emergency and urgent procurement

Learn about emergencies/urgent situations and how to complete a procurement under these conditions.

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  • Project Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Principals and Tumuaki
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  • Proprietors

This process must be followed if completing an emergency/urgent procurement.

Identifying an emergency or urgent situation


Emergencies are sudden unforeseen catastrophes which result in injury, loss of life or critical damage to property or infrastructure.

Examples include earthquakes, fires or flooding.

Urgent situations

Urgent situations are unforeseen events or circumstances which result in an immediate risk of injury, loss of life or significant damage to property or infrastructure that would lead to closure of all, or part of a school.

An example is the discovery of extensive structural damage to a building.

How to procure in an emergency/urgent situation

Step Action



Contact the Ministry's Property Advisor


Immediately contact the Ministry's school property advisor to inform them of the situation and get their verbal approval to go ahead with the emergency/urgent procurement.


Follow up the verbal conversation by gaining their written approval in the form of an email.




Contact a supplier


Get a quote, estimate or rates (verbal or written) from a supplier. This should cover only the work that is required to ensure that the situation is no longer an emergency/urgent.






Evaluate the supplier’s offer and ensure that it is reasonable under the circumstances.





Concurrently with the above steps, the project manager may need to complete a procurement exemption. Consult with the school’s Property Advisor on this.




Complete the work


Engage with the supplier until the situation is no longer an emergency/urgent.


After the situation is no longer an emergency/urgent, schools may believe that additional works should also be completed. In these circumstances, a full procurement process should take place. A procurement exemption might be appropriate in some cases, please discuss with the school’s Property Advisor. 

Following the procurement process

Procurement exemptions


The Ministry’s School Building Insurance Funding Programme can pay for repairs to damaged school buildings.

School Building Insurance Funding Programme

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