How to access Microsoft OneDrive for the first time

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These instructions are intended for someone signing into OneDrive for the first time.

If you have a school Microsoft Education account and use Windows 10 or 11, it will include OneDrive.

  1. Select the Start button Windows start button - image of white window on black background.
  2. Type OneDrive to see:
    Screenshot of OneDrive app in search - yellow folder with a blue cloud.
  3. Click on OneDrive to open.
    You will now see:
    OneDrive set-up screen with field to enter email address and sign-in button.
  4. Enter your school email address (‘1’ in the image above).
  5. Click on Sign in (‘2’ in the image above).
    You will see: 
    OneDrive set-up screen with notification reading 'Your OneDrive folder is here' with file path, and 'Next' button selected.
    The default path to access your OneDrive folder is shown inside ‘1’ in the image above.
    Tip: If you want to change the folder location (this is the best time to change it) – Select Change location and follow the instructions, and then continue below.
  6. Click Next (‘2’ in the image above).
    You will see:
    OneDrive set-up screen reading 'All your files, ready and on-demand', with 'Next' button selected.
  7. Read the explanations on the pane and think about how you will apply them to your files.
  8. If your school has a reliable internet connection we recommend: Set files and folders to Available when online.
  9. Click Next.
  10. For the next steps, refer to How to use OneDrive.

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