SchoolDNS: Domain name registration service

We offer a free domain name system (DNS) registration and hosting service for schools and kura. The Ministry-funded service is called SchoolDNS and is offered through Liverton Security.

What is a domain name system?

A domain name system (DNS) converts 9-digit (or longer) IP addresses into domain names. Domain names help us to navigate to websites. 

Essentially, domain names are used as an alias for an IP address. That is, instead of typing in an IP address such as to visit a website, you can type a domain name address into your browser to easily access a website, for example: A DNS is also used when sending emails.

To set up a DNS, organisations pay for the address and redirecting service (from the alias to your IP address) each year. DNS registration and hosting is offered by various companies. In New Zealand, 95% of schools use domains under 

About SchoolDNS

Through SchoolDNS, we are offering to centralise the registration and renewal process of domain names for busy schools and kura.

SchoolDNS is Ministry-funded. By covering the annual DNS registration and hosting costs, we are aiming to increase the level of security and control that schools have over their domain name(s). 

Schools who opt in to the service will see a reduction in the instances where DNS registrations:

  • expire
  • are deleted
  • are exposed to malicious activity.

This service is available to state and state-integrated schools.

Liverton Security

Liverton Security provides this service.

Liverton Security also registers domains for other New Zealand government agencies including, and domains.

Opt in to SchoolDNS

To opt in to the service, schools and kura will need to transfer their schools’ DNS to the SchoolDNS service.

See our 'how to join' page for more information.

How to join the SchoolDNS service

What is included in SchoolDNS?

The SchoolDNS service offers schools and kura the following.

  • Set up and running costs for up to 2 domain names. This includes any subdomains. Costs for any additional domain names, need to be covered by the school.
  • Access to the DNS portal where schools can easily make account changes such as updating key people or contact details.
  • Reduced administration risks. For example, if no one at your school has knowledge about renewing or changing registration details due to staff turnover.
  • 24/7 support based in New Zealand.
  • Yearly registration renewal as a default. This ensures continuity of the domain and reduces the risk of losing access to the domain temporarily or permanently.
  • A higher level of reliability and security that meets New Zealand government requirements.

Schools can choose to register and host their domain through this service or choose to get DNS hosting through another company.

Schools and kura who opt in will continue to own their domain name. You or your nominated IT partner can log into the portal to view, manage or update your domain records.

Is DNS registration included?

Yes. It is provided by Liverton Security.

Is DNS hosting included?

Hosting is optional.

Some website services may require the hosting to be integrated with their service.

If your website service does not require this, it is probably easier to manage them together through the SchoolDNS portal (provided by Liverton Security).

Is website hosting included?

No. Website hosting is separate and schools will need to use a website hosting service.

Transferring domain registration and hosting to the Ministry should not affect your website hosting.

Access the SchoolDNS portal

Access the SchoolDNS portal:

Log in – SchoolDNS(external link)

Protect your email domain from spoofing

While you’re here, it’s a good time to implement SPF, see our guide for help.

Protect your email domain from spoofing

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