ICT risk management

Identify which of your systems and data may be at risk, so you can decide on the best protections to put in place.

Complete a cyber security risk assessment

To know your kura or school's level of risk, you need to identify the systems and data you need to protect, who has access to them, and what your current policies are.

Complete a cyber security risk assessment

Cyber security training and support is available to kura and schools through a series of bite-size videos and webinars. This support is designed to help IT leads implement key cyber security protections.

Cyber security training

Access online training to help you optimise the security settings on your software products.

These short training videos and webinars are designed for the tech lead at your kura or school, or your IT service provider.

Google training

Microsoft training

Common cyber threats to schools and kura

If you're hit by an attack, your school is at risk of being locked out of your systems and devices or having confidential data lost, stolen or sold. We've outlined some of the most common threats you need to protect against.

Common cyber threats to schools and kura

Cyber insurance

Our insurance cover for schools, the Risk Management Scheme, includes cyber liability. This provides cover to help schools with technical assistance to recover from a cyber incident.

Risk management scheme

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